Holiday Glam-Preview

We had a short photoshooting a few days ago and here is a preview of what we did. The theme was Holiday glam, and  here is Kiaari’s idea of a special make-up for the New Year’s Eve party. I made some special gloves with crystals, spikes, chain and feathers  just for a special contrast of textures.
Acum cateva zile am facu o sedinta foto destul de scurta  , iar aici e un mic preview a ceea ce a iesit. Tema aleasa este Holiday Glam , iar aici puteti vedea propunerea lui Kiaari pentru un machiaj mai deosebit, chiar pentru Revelion, de ce nu. Eu am creat aceste manusi speciale, un contrast interesant de texturi: cristale, tepi, lant si pene.



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