Perfect maxi dresses for the Christmas party

maxi dress for any body type

Everyone should have a maxi dress in their closet! But if you ar enot really a fan, how can you find the perfect one without buying ten more to see which one you like best? It is really hard to buy online such an expensive item. Here are 3 tips from me:

1. Try to find a cheap dress so that if you don’t like it, you won’t be that dissapointed. Then you can order a similar model, that is more expensive if you love how it looks.

2. Go for neutrals! Why? They never go out of fashion and they suit most skin colors. If you are bold, go for red, always the best choice in my opinion.

3. You can chose a loose fit dress, a flare  line without any waistline cuts. This way you can wear it in many ways and pick your favorite belt for the occasion. EXTRA: You can wear it even if you are,or going to be pregnant. It looks great both ways.

December is cold so a fancy dress with long sleeves would be ideal. But is there any model that would look good with long sleeves? Yes, but try chiffon dresses because they will look much more elegant and they never go out of style. A beaded detail or some small sequins will make it even more glamorous, but don’t over do it.

Strappy sandals won’t be the best pick for a cold winter day, so you can go for some fancy patent leather pumps. Keep them simple if the dress has embellishments.

maxi dress for any body type


maxi dress for any body type maxi dress for any body type maxi dress for any body type


maxi dress for any body type



maxi dress for any body type



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