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Accesoriul potrivit pentru o tinuta simpla



Rucksack: Bonprix / Jeans: Topshop /Top: Adidas / Sunglasses: Hindsight / Sneakers: Adidas

In zilele aglomerate nu imi vine sa ma imbrac cu altceva decat jeansi, un tricou si niste tenisi comozi.

Un accesoriu de efect

Acum ca am inceput din nou sa merg la sala, (incet dar sigur) am realizat ca nu imi incap toate lucrurile intr-o geanta obisnuita asa ca am inceput sa caut un rucsac perfect. De ce rucsac si nu o geanta mai mare? E foarte practic si  il pot purta cu usurinta si pe bicicleta. Pentru ca nu vroiam ceva banal am tot cautat unul deosebit, dar totusi nu extravagant. Pana la urma am dat peste acest model care mi-a placut din prima clipa. E simplu, usor de asortat insa are acel detaliu in forma de cap de catel care atrage toate privirile. Inca de prima data cand l-am scos la plimbare, atat copii cat si adulti l-au admirat. Ca sa nu mai spun ca totul incape perfect si poate chiar as mai avea loc de una alta.

Blugii perfecti

Si pentru ca tot  vorbim de lucruri comode, faceti cunostinta cu cei mai perfecti blugi, ca altfel nu le pot spune. M-am indragostit de blugii d ela topshop de la prima pereche. Imi adusese mama mea din Scotia o pereche de blugi cerati cu talie inalta care veneau perfect. Si nu doar ca veneau perfect, dar erau si foarte comozi. I-am purtat pana i-am rupt si intre timp imi mai cumparasem cateva perechi. Acum pe negru nu i-am mai gasit, dar mi-am luat visinii. Singurii blugi pe care ii comand online si nu mi-e frica ca nu se potrivesc. Am nimerit si reducere de 50%, iar transportul a fost super ieftin.


Prima mea pereche de tenisi scumpi, sau originali cum vreti sa le spuneti, au fost niste adidas superstar. Eram clasa a 9-a parca cand i-am primit si evident i-am purtat pana s-au rupt, dar a durat ceva  si asta cam vreo 2 ani. Tare mandra eram de ei! Foarte comozi si durabili. De atunci imi cumpar o pereche de fiecare data cand vad ca cea veche se degradeaza.



The perfect backpack

On really busy days I just throw on a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and some sneakers. I prefer being comfortable when I have many things to do. But since I started gym again, I had the problem of not being able to fit all my things in the bag so I started searching. I went for a backpack instead of a bigger bag because it was ideal even for a bike ride. It shouldn’t have been too simple, yet not very extravagant either because I would use it daily, so when I saw this puppy backpack I knew it would have been the perfect fit. Fun, yet simple and easy to match, plus it was big enough to fit everything I needed.

Fit Jeans

I fell in love with Topshop jeans a few years ago when my mom got me my first pair from Scotland. They were the perfect fit I was looking for. Black, coated Leigh jeans, both comfortable and qualitative. Wore them until they ripped and then I wore them a bit more. I got a few pairs since then but I haven’t found the black ones again. I just bought this burgundy pair and I was very happy to find them on sale at 50% off. Also the shipping cost was very fair too.


First pair of branded sneakers I owned! They were and still are some of my favorite designs . Very comfortable and durable, the best investment. I am trying to always have this classic pair of shoes in my closet because they never go out of style. Agree?

Classic yet fashionable, these Hindsight sunglasses will surely keep my stylish and sun ready all summer long! I love them as much as the other pair you saw here.

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