14 Double Bun Hairstyles to Try Out

Just like a bow opdo or a classic french braid, these double bun hairstyles remind us of our eclectic childhood so why not get a taste of the sweet memories?

Easy Autumn updos

I used to put may hair up with different hair ties, the more colorful the better and these bun were a favorite when I wanted to stand out.

Of course these have a certain Sailor Moon influence to them but who didn’t have such stylish idols back then? So if you want to look like a superhero you really have to try these buns yourself.


If you’d go for a braided up version, you would probably need another pair of helping hands. If you don’t have anyone else to help you, you might just want to pick an easier version like a semi-updo or just an easy tie up bun.

To add more glam for this simple and cute hairstyle, put some glitter on or a cool headpiece like a piece of jewelry or brooch.

These double buns are ideal for a windy autumn day because having them up and tight will save you from a bad hair day.



how to make a braided double bun braid



So, to get you started on your first double bun hairstyle, here are the basic steps you need to follow in order to get such a hairdo.

After you mastered these steps, you can play along with textures and other versions.

From front french braids, to zigzags, backside french braids, adornments and glitter, there are as many versions as you could think of yourself.

Have you found your favorite double bun hairstyle for this season?

double bun tutorial

Source: addcolo & Pinterest





doublu bun hairstyle


cool double bun hairstyle


braided double bun braid


pink hair doublebun


double bun for long hair


double bun for long hair


pink double bun hairstyle


glitter up hair buns


short hair double bun


purple double bun hair


semi updo double bun


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