2000s Themed Party Outfits

2020 and we are still thinking of the 2000s themed party outfits some of us used to wear in our good days. Surely it’s not fresh news that at least some of those outfits were really horrifying while others could easily be integrated into today’s fashion and no late Gen Z fashionistas would even notice the odd.

What was fashionable back in the 2000s?

Actually fashion in the 2000s was a big mash up of so many styles. Hip-hop, indie, boho vintage plus new trends that emerged, all mixed up together in something undefined.

Flared low waisted jeans with DIY laced up sides, tie dyes and colorful panels mixed with tube tops, crop T-shirts and trucker hats. Yes, I know, nothing sounds fashionable anymore.

But let’s not forget about the 2000s denim craze. Denim was everywhere, and designers used to play with textures, colors, different types of washes to create textures and shades. But probably the mos memorable matchy matchy look of the 2000s was Britney Spear’s and Justin Timberlake’s full denim outfits at 2001 American Music Awards. Epic! Unforgettable.

The Nasty Girl Look

As Destiny’s Child style back then could be considered a stable of 2000s fashion. If you would get inspired from that music video, you would surely not miss the 2000s themed party outfits. Low waist jeans and trousers, cut out tops and thongs at sight worn as fashionable accessories. Super high heels, fake furs and metallic textures. It was fashionable back then, but now, you might not understand a thing.

The video was edgy, but some styles could work for a party outfit. Try some low waisted jeans with platforms, a latex tube top and a leo shirt to layer over. Big hoop earring and a trucker hat will complete the look.

Gwen Stefani was one of my favorites when it comes to 2000s fashion icons

She used to mix some really edgy rock & punk elements into both casual like looks or more elegant styles for special events. She was a net fabric kind of girl with tartan, leather and sequins. Anything she put on, it looked epic. She had style, no doubt about it and Gwen wore every crazy outfit with the right attitude.

If you want to try a rock chic a la Gwen Stefani look, go for anything mesh, add a triangle bra or shiny crop top over it, a fur jacket and low waisted cargo pants. You can never go wrong with this look. If you want to take it to another edge, knot your hair and add some pin colored spray that wares off.

Blinged Juicy Couture velvet tracksuits

Ok, I had one too. Have to admit it that it was something I carved for. I got a velvety brown embroidered short tracksuit that I still have now. It looks really nice today too, but back then it was a craze. If you would be curious to check out paparazzi pictures with fashion icons going grocery shopping or to the gym in the 2000s, you would see them in branded velvet tracksuits. Low waist trousers of course and probably crop jackets just to be sure the 6packs are visible. But what if the trend is coming back? Kylie wore it!

This 2000s themed outfit should be easy to adapt today. You can get a velvet tracksuit and just roll the waist band if it is not low enough. If you like DIYs, then sew on some patches and add rhinestone for a full blinged outfit. Add a bandanna, big god hoops and maybe an iced gold watch. Try box braids if you want to really make an appearance.

Dirty – Christina Aguilera for a cool
2000s themed party outfit

Now that I am writing this, I realize that I had so many pieces of clothing DIYéd, adjusted or bought to be similar to those worn by pop stars. I remembered I used to dream to get the colored meshed highlights Christina had in that period. Blonde hair with red, pink or black hair strands underneath. I didn’t want to get my hair lighter, but I loved how her hair looked. I tried to copy her haircut and ended up getting a kind of an emo-ish short on the top longer at the back hair. It suited me right though. But those leather trousers, really low waist, tight and then flared at the bootom, sometimes with cut outs and really short tops or even triangle shaped bras. That was edgy then and it would be edgy now too. Still, I loved her style.

To copy her look, you don’t need to go that far. Get some leather look trousers, low waist and flared. High heels or wedged boots and use a bandanna as a top( triangle). For extra edge, use colorful hair extensions to add underneath your hair, or try her braided look. Glue a rhinestone piercing on your chin and pull off a dark, smokey eye make-up.

The cut-outs and spaghetti tops

Adam Saaks created a frenzy with his spontaneous videos made on the streets while doing edgy designs on random people. Cut out braided T-shirts, dresses and leggings were a thing back then. They look very cool and I would also wear something like that now. From rhinestone tops with just two thin strands around the back, to the edgy cut out T-shirts, tops fashion in the 2000s was very revealing and edgy.

Luckily this trend is very easy to copy for a 2000s themed party outfit because you just need a T-shirt, leggings or a T-shirt dress, some scissors and maybe a thread and needle for some fine details. Basically you can create such an edgy look with things you would probably even throw away because you don’t wear that much. Cut sides, or even the whole back of the dress, braid it for a cool texture and some studs or rhinestone to make sure it’s 2000s approved. Add platform boots or high heels and you’re ready.

Now that you’ve got your inspiration for 2000s themed party outfits, what will you go for? I think I will pick the last one as it is easier and maybe add a bandanna and gold hoops. If I could find my cut out dress, I don’t even have to try hard.

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