2016 Retrospective

The Year I Traveled and Met Beautiful People


After a life changing 2015, 2016 was even more surprising than expected. I never planned anything in advance for 2016, but I feld like this was my year, and indeed it was!

It started like a plain, normal year with no interesting things under the horizon.

Then, in March it all started to escalate. We first booked a trip to London and met my life long friend Ale which just moved there from Aberdeen.

London trip


London trip with friends

Just before my High-School reunion, I went on a fabulous trip to Tenerife. The weather was great and I really got a new lust for travelling. If you have a chance, Tenerife is surely worth to be at the top of your list.

Santa cruz de tenerife

Tenerife costa adeje

Tenerife costa adeje

2016 was all about eating healthy, working out harder than ever and having fun with friends and family. I tried new and healthy recipes that helped me get in a much better shape than I was ever before. Of course extra exercises and pushing myself to evolve were as important as a healthy lifestyle.

protein icecream

healthy snack salmon

training hard

We got our first kayak and went on weekend rides that were actually very fun in spite of the not so delighted people that were trying to fish on the banks. We worked on the house a bit, renovation, decorations, trying to make it even more cozy.

our first boat

I spent much time with my colleagues and not only at work. I met new people that I worked with. Some got lost on the way, others stayed and completed the team. We all evolved into the powerful combo that we are today. #bestteamever #friends

my Bday party

colleagues at work

2016 was filled with fun projects and beautiful people. Diana is one of them and I bet 2016 was a great year for her too. So many events with her book launch and a well deserved vacation she is enjoying right now. This year was filled with blogger events and I must say I am happy that Timisoara is growing in this direction. I hope 2017 will be even better because the blogger community is rising and we can all make a difference in how our city is evolving. We have the potential, willingness and devotion. #letschangethegear Right girls? Laura, Miha, Rox, Cati?

imax in timisoara

fashion bloggers timisoara

Alin Galatescu

It was my first time at the Mercedes Benz Fashion in Berlin and I have to say it was truly a super cool experience.

We also had a fashionable event for the StylishCircle.de launch and I had the honor of meeting so many german bloggers that I still follow even today.

StylishCircle in Berlin

Trip to Berlin

Visiting Berlin

Berlin Fashion Week

After Berlin we packed our bags and left for Amsterdam, literally 2 days after. It was kind of a spontaneous trip that in the end we all loved and we’re planing on conquering 2017 with the same good vibes. Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited and because I was so impressed I had to take my mom too later  in November.

trip to Amsterdam

Amsterdam trip

What to visit in Amsterdam

Just a few week after it was that time of the year again, and I am not talking about Christmas. TOR time!

I had so much fun in 2015 so I had to do it again! Marketing Ninjas crew with Ioana, Mihai and Emilia to the win. No, we didn’t won but we surely had a great time there.

team outdoor racing

TOR 2016

Team outdoor racing 2016

The best is yet to come… in August we flew all the way to Miami, Florida. I have to admit I never thought I would ever enjoy USA as much as I did. It was surely a grand experience for me that I hope I will repeat very soon. USA can’t be compared to anything I have ever seen before. It’s not as beautiful as Europe, but it surely is special.

Summer in Miami

first time in the USA

Miami downtown

trip to Miami Florida

And we found heaven on earth…. BAHAMAS, something I can’t describe in words. It was the most peaceful, blissful feeling I ever had in my life.

Bahamas dream destination

2016 was filled with music too. Unfortunately we missed Sziget festival this year because we were in the US, but I can’t say I regret it that much.

Joss Stone came to Plai Festival and she was simply amazing! I never thought I would have the chance of going to one of her concerts mainly because most of her gigs are not around Romania, but well, I was wrong and I am happy about it. After Joss Stone,  we left for Budapest to see Nickelback. Finally! We got tickets last year too but Chad had to cancel the tour because of a surgery he had. I was so sad…

Joss Stone Timisoara

Nickelback concert Budapest

Another highlight of this year was the launch of StylishCircle.ro. We really tried hard to make everything work around this project and because we were surrounded by beautiful people, it really was a success. I met so many amazing persons from which I learnt very much in those two days. I really appreciate each and every second you guys and girls put into this event.

Smartfit Timisoara

StylishCircle Launch

stylishcirclero event

Because winter was approaching, we flew away again back to summer. Malaysia and Thailand were on our list. Another great adventure I wouldn’t see coming at the beginning of this year. Will surely visit again, especially Thailand which is very beautiful. The perfect place to relax  and find your inner vibe.

Luala Lumpur twin twoers

Krabi beach thailand

Maya bay thailand

And last but not least, my mom’s birthday present: Bruxelles and Amsterdam. It was really cold and we were all wrapped up to be sure we don’t catch a cold. But you won’t find such a cool Christmas market in summer, can you? Beautiful buildings, great scenarios and a holiday feeling all around.


visiting bruxelles

beautiful buildings in bruxelles

We ended the year in style with a fabulous Christmas party at work. My super cool colleagues just below. I am grateful and happy to have them as friends because at the end of the day that’s what we all are.

stylish colleagues

2016 was a whole adventure with good and bad things, mostly just good actually. I managed to tick out all the plans I had for 2016 and even more. I am happy that I am surround by people that really have that great vibe that makes you want to grow in every way. For that, thank you! And, at the end of the year, I can cross two other things from my list:

Eat cupcakes made by Mihai and like a picture Gabriela posted on instagram. Oh, and yes, Mihai also has an instagram account, can you believe it?

Next on my list? Raluca with an instagram account ( at least for Susu) and a blog for Gabriela.

Do you think I will manage? Of course I will. 😉

2016 was probably my best year and it marked my biggest fulfillment so far. As 2017 is just around the corner, I can’t expect anything else than greatness because it will surely top 2016!

No resolutions! Just dreams that comes true if you work hard enough for them.

Ready for 2017?

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