27 Things About Me

So here is my first post on the new blog!

I wanted to get a little more personal, so I worte 27 random things about me that maybe you didn’t know by now.

If you have any curiosities or questions, you can leave them in a comment below, I will gladly answer!

1.       I’m a stubborn Taurus that never gives up.

2.       If you tell me I can’t, I will work hard to prove that I can

3.       Got my first tattoo at age 17, and my navel pierced a year before.

tatoo girl leather top

4.       I’ve always been a redhead(since I started dying my hair)+ at least one more color:P

red hairstyle

5.       I’ve been designing since I was in the 7th grade

6.       I’ve studied Fashion Design and Landscape Architecture at 2 different universities

graduation ceremony

7.       I’m still living in the house I was raised up and I don’t really want to move.

8.       I hate going on trips because I get homesick after 2 days.

9.       I don’t really like changes

10.   I tend to plan ahead and I’m pretty organized with my time.

11.   I love sneakers and ankle boots with a low heel.

12.   I might just injure myself while wearing heels.

13.   I used to be a tomboy, playing soccer with the guys

14.   I get attached to material things .

15.   I don’t really like pink and  blue clothing items.(besides jeans)

16.   I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 6 years(eating dairy-not milk- and sometimes fish)


17.   I could live on chocolate,cakes and anything sweet

18.   I love coffee and wouldn’t want to quit. I only drink a small cup per day, sometimes a bit more

starbucks coffee mug

19.   Favorite food-potatoes almost of any kind

20.   I tend to be shy until I get to know a person

21.   I could be your best friend until you step on my tail

22.   I like to have things that other people don’t have. Like clothes-that’s one of the reasons I got into fashion design

23.   I have an ugly handwriting so in University I used to take my laptop to typewrite the courses.Teachers thought I was playing and they kept checking me 😛

24.   I’ve been wearing vision glasses for about 4 years

25.   I don’t wear earrings, just the three studs I got on my upper lobes

26.   When I was a baby, I used to go to sleep only if I was listening to AC/DC, or the vacuum cleaner was on.


27.   I love cooking and recently I discovered my  passion for “designing”desserts




 Dupa cum puteti vedea, site-ul vechi este rediretcionat pe acesta. Si pentru ca prima postare sa fie mai deosebita, am ales sa va spun 27 de lucruri mai mult sau mai putin interesante despre mine.

Daca aveti curiozitati sau intrebari, le puteti scrie in comentariu mai jos,raspund cu drag!

1. Sunt o tauroaica incapatanata care nu renunta niciodata

2.Daca imi spui ca nu pot , eu iti voi demonstra opusul

3. Primul tatuaj mi l-am facut la 17 ani, iar piercingul din buric cam cu un an inainte

4. Tot timpul am fost roscata(de cand am inceput sa ma vopsesc)+ cel putin inca o alta culoare.

5. Am inceput sa creez haine prin clasa a7-a

6. Am studiat design vestimentar si arhitectura peisajului la 2 universitati diferite

7. Locuiesc in casa in care m-am nascut si am crescut, si nu vreau sa ma mut

8. Nu imi prea place sa plec in excursii ca mi-e dor de casa dupa 2 zile

9. Nu imi plac schimbarile in general

10. De obicei imi planific fiecare pas, si sunt destul de organizata cu timpul meu

11. Iubecs tenisii si botinele pana la glezna fara toc.

12.  As putea sa imi rup gatul pe tocuri( pe unele)

13. Eram destul de baietoasa si ma jucam fotbal cu baietii pe strada

14.  Ma atasez repede de obiecte

15. Nu imi plac hainele roz sau albastre(inafara de blugi)

16. Sunt vegetariana de peste 6 ani (mananc lactate-nu lapte- si peste ocazional)

17. As putea traii cu ciocolata , prajituri,dulciuri sa fie

18. Imi place cafeaua si nu vreau sa renunt la ea. Beau o cana mica pe zi, rar mai multa.

19. Cartofii sunt printer favoritii mei-sub aproape orice forma

20. Sun destul de timida pana ajung sa cunosc persoana

21. Pot fi prietena ta cea mai buna pana ma calci pe coada

22. Imi place sa am lucruri de care altii nu au. Ca si haine- acesta fiind unul din motivele pentru care m-am apucat de design

23. Scriu foarte urat-motiv pentru care in facultate mergeam cu laptopul si scriam cursurile. Profesorii credeau ca ma joc si veneau sa verifice.

24. Port ochelari de vedere de aproximativ 4 ani

25. Nu port cercei in ureche, decat cei 3 mici de sus de pe lob

26.Cand eram bebe dormeam doar daca auzeam AC/DC sau era pornit aspiratorul

27. Imi place sa gatesc, si de curand mi-am descoperit pasiunea pentru “creatul”deserturilor.



  1. Frumoasă descriere!
    Keep up the good work şi multă baftă cu noul site, arată mega bine!

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