3 Dresses That Look Good on You

Summer dresses that flatter

When you think of summer, generally you start to count the days until you feel you are ready to step into summer but that perfect body is never as you wished for t to be.

So why try to hide it when you can find clothing that flatters you? Dresses that look good on you are the best pick for hot summer days.

In summer, dresses are the ideal clothing items in which you can survive the cruel heat waves so finding the right dress for you is crucial.

While printed dresses may look awesome on any body type, you need to be sure you get it right:

  • Small prints for skinny mignones.
  • Medium prints for curvy women with a medium height.
  • Big prints for curvier, taller girls.

Basically you scale the pattern according to the body type. Still, trying on different styles will help you find the right match for summer.

printed dressPrinted summer dresses

picking out printed dresses

A cap sleeved dress will flatter both skinny and curvy women. They shape the upper arm and balance the shoulders with the hips, if they are wide. Go for a simple pattern and an earthy tone if you already have a dash of tan on your skin.

Mini DressCap Sleeve Wrap Graphic Mini Dress

Cap sleeve dress

A loose dress is awesome when you are either pregnant or just gave birth. You can easily hide that extra belly weight while you show off your tonned legs that didn’t change much during pregnancy. Plus, it keeps you fresh and airy on breezy days. Medium prints work well with this cut but you can also opt for a plain dress too.

flower printed mustard dress

A simple, butterfly sleeved dress with a touch of flowery embroidery is maybe something you wish to try on for a more special event. Be sure to try it on and see if the placement of the embroidery flatters you or not. There are so many similar designs to choose from so don’t get stuck on a design that doesn’t look good just because you like the color and embroidery.

Mustard printed dress

loose red embroidered dress

Burgundy embroidered dress

So which is the go to dress that always saves you when it comes to a pure summer outfit?

What dress looks good on you?

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