30 – Life’s Perfect

Feeling complete

A bit late, but I want to thank you all for the Birthday wishes and good thoughts.

While I am still trying to find a balance in my new life, I have to admit that I love everything about it! At this point in my life I really have everything I want. After a really full & fun 2016, 2017 will surely be even more special and I want to enjoy it every second.

I always dreamed that before I turn 30 I will have a family, a career, basically I would be settled down as we say, but never thought that this would actually turn out as I wanted.

Last week I celebrated my 30th Birthday and even if I didn’t do anything special, it was the best birthday ever. I was surrounded by beautiful people, my family, my husband and our sweet baby girl. Good vibes and smiles are priceless gifts that I want now.


What could I ask for more?


new mommy


black ruffled dress

Dress: Here 

black ruffle dress


black ruffle dress


black ruffled dress


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