4 Western Shoes Other Than Cowboy Boots to Consider

You can say what you will about trends and tastes, but we all agree that truly stylish clothing never falls out of fashion. Case in point, Western shoes. These type of shoes are more popular than they have ever been. And if you believe that it’s only cowboy boots which fit into this category, think again. Let’s take a look at some gorgeous Western shoes that will help you achieve a unique look and the clothing that will help compliment your wardrobe. 

Western Fashion Boots

The creation of Western shoes represents an art. Originally, the shoes were meant to symbolize nobility, a trait that can account for their modern popularity. This is the distinguishing factor when it comes to Western fashion boots. 

This shoe model takes its inspiration from classic cowboy boots, but instead bends the rules to create a sound and fashionable choice. Western fashion boots can come in all heights, with any kind of heel design. They resemble cowboy boots, while borrowing elements of high fashion. 

These shoes are meant to represent your sense of fun and adventure. You can choose to wear them together with skinny jeans, dresses, cardigans, or a skirt for a cute, funky look. 

Fringe Boots

A daring look for sure, fringe boots draw attention to the wearer in just the right way. Don’t be intimidated! Fringe boots are in high demand, and they are not as difficult to style as you may assume. These boots come in different sizes and feature fringes that complement the overall shoe design.

The boots can be styled with jeans, denim shirts, or long sleeve T-shirts. A bold look can include a leather jacket that matches the boots’ color.

Cruiser Shoes

If you’re looking to rock the Western look while maintaining the highest degree of comfort, look no further than cruiser shoes. These shoes are designed to be a great addition to a charming, yet casual look. 

Don’t let these shoes’ simplicity fool you! A good cruiser Western shoe is both durable as well as highly stylish. These are clip-on shoes, usually made of leather, and featuring a comfortable rubber sole. 

Cruiser shoes work well with a laid-back look. Shorts, jeans, T-shirts, and vests are all items that can come in handy. The focus here is on practicality

Equestrian Boots

There was a time when equestrian boots, known also as riding boots, were reduced solely to the use of those practicing the sport of horse riding. However, these shoes make quite the fashion statement, a sentiment echoed by many modern, stylish fans of this look. 

These boots are usually tall, tightly fitting and create an elegant, long leg look. 

This style can work in many different ways. However, choosing to wear them with skinny jeans, long skirt, or dresses is certain to help you look great and draw plenty of admiring gazes.

Western boots are certainly not solely for cowboys. In fact, many shoe models making use of the traditional design are highly popular, with people looking to achieve a polished look that sends out a daring statement.

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