5 Fun Break Ideas to Boost Your Productivity

Right now, most of us work from home as a permanent solution after the two pandemic years that we’ve experienced. This first sounded like something that would never happen on the long term, but like most thins, they don’t happen as we think or plan it.

All in all we might just find only advantages in this setup. No commute, you can work in your pajamas, multitask and even have lunch with the family. But there are also disadvantages in this that we forget to take into account. No socializing during breaks and the actual breaks themselves. We tend to forget to take a break because we never get to be asked to go to the kitchen and get a coffee or run downstairs to get a parcel or anything. We just sit, drink coffee and have lunch at our desks and work some more.

Taking breaks is essential for both psychical and mental wellbeing. Despite what you think, taking a break makes you more productive, and if you think you might be wasting time this way, think again.

5 fun break ideas

Play an online game

My favorite way of taking a break, after the coffee break of course, is playing an online game. This basically shifts your thoughts from problems at work to using your memory and strategic skills to win the game. I play Solitaire and Missing Object on Solitaire.org. It’s free and it reminds me of my childhood when we used to play Solitaire in the breaktime from an Microsoft Office pack course I was attending. Such games could improve attention and memory while distressing at the same time.

Fitness challenge

I have a thing for doing squats and because I don’t have much time to commit to sports, whenever I have a minute, I take my sand bag and do squats. My goal is to reach 100 squats at the end of every day. This might not be for you , but you could try push-ups or skip rope. A good way to mix work and sport activities when you lack time.

Draw something

Doodle if you don’t like to draw or pick a mandala coloring book for adults that’s supposed to relax you. Don’t think much, just grab a pencil or pen and run it on paper as your imagination works for you. Maybe you can find ideas in your drawing, eventhough people might not understand much from it.


It’s been demonstrated time and time again that meditation has a very positive effect on the mind and health of everyone that practices it. It boosts the energy, concentration, health and it relives stress and anxiety at the same time. You just need 10 minutes for this and no equipment at all.

Get a massage

Whether you have someone over to give you a seated massage or you buy yourself a massage chair or a hand massager, you can surely benefit from such a relaxing activity. Sitting all day on the chair will cause back and neck problems like no other. Be sure to get up and walk a bit, do some sports and get massaged regularly for your own sake.

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