5 Messy Braids to Try This Autumn

Autumn Hair Trends

I Always associate braids with Autumn, harvest season. Maybe because of the similarity with wheat, maybe because of the rustic feel, I don’t know exactly.

Even if I like braiding, I have a problem with doing my own hair like this. I can’t really manage on my own but recently I found a smart trick. doing pull through braids, is a simple method of doing your own polished look.

It looks classy and it stays perfect for more hours than a regular braid would. It really is a great version if you are not very handy at this.

If I would get ready for a special event, I would surely opt for a braid rather than a chignon or any sophisticated updo. I find it much more elegant. Being autumn, I would go for flower accessories maybe even wheat accents or other fashionable plants.

Beads, hair bands and feather pins could also be a great idea for the season. Still, try to make it look effortless, messy and you will surely get the right hairstyle in no time.

Which would you try?





messy braids


messy braids


messy braids


messy braids

messy braids


pull through crown braid

Pull Through Crown Braid

russian inspired braids

Russian Inspired


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