5 Modish Ways to Wear Your Leather Jacket In 2018

Leather jackets are no longer confined to a particular demographic of people. In fact, these are now fashion staples that can be worn in many ways, perfect to be mixed with your regular wardrobe easily. Whatever color, design or style your jacket may be – black, red, brown, vintage, biker or trendy – it is possible to update it for 2018 and pair it up with your existing clothing and accessories.
There are many different styles of leather jackets and picking up the right one for your day’s wardrobe can be a bit difficult. And that’s why we are here to help make your choice easier. You may have seen these ideas on runways and the streets on some of the most fashionable cities on the planet.

But before we begin, it is essential to have a high-quality leather jacket, like the ones available at LeatherSkinShop. Consider it a lifelong investment because it’s value will be visible through all the fades and rips. When buying a leather jacket, buy one with thick stitching, vintage cut lapels and shoulders that have been padded lightly. Also, a vintage leather jacket is always in style, the slight imperfections add to its character. As long as the jacket sits comfortably on you and you feel good wearing it, it’s the one!
How to wear your leather jacket?

Leather jackets look great on everyone. Pair them up with an all-black ensemble for the perfect rocker chic look, or wear yours with a summer-y, flower-printed chiffon dress. Pair them up with your favorite boots or strappy heels to amp up the heat to the max!
Here are some of our favorite outfit ideas, and all the ways we love to style our leather jackets:

Leather jacket with skirts do wonders

When you want to look feminine but still want to retain your edginess, pair up your badass leather jacket with a girly skirt. All kinds of skirts look spectacular with a leather jacket. Whether florals are the order of the day, or it’s a lace and tutu kind of day, you can’t go wrong by pairing with a classic black leather jacket with any color.
You can pair skirts and leather jackets all year round. Put on your boots during the winter, and break in the sandals in the summertime. This get-up is the ultimate feminine, edgy outfit plus it’s super comfy. This fashionista approved look is also perfect for your upcoming date night.


Ankle pants and leather jacket combo


Ankle pants are an all-time favorite for women who are always on-the-go. It gives a perfect chic-look and that too, without forcing you to put too much effort. These pants have a crisp fabric and great fitting that looks amazing with any color and design of the jacket.
Try pairing a crop top, with ankle pants and a leather jacket. We promise this retro look will do wonders for you. Mix neutral colors for a sharp contrast with a black leather jacket. Break out those red heels, or work this look with sneakers. There is no way of going wrong with this look.
Long dress with a leather jacket


Do you know you can turn your casual leather jacket into a business wardrobe? It’s the perfect way to add style and class to your wardrobe. To further glamorize the look, you can add a pencil skirt or a sultry silk skirt to up the style factor. We promise this look will make you the style diva of your office. If you go all-black, wear your favorite color sneaker with it to add a pop of color to your look.

A midi dress or maxi would do magic with a leather jacket. You will love this fusion and so will the people around you.

LBD + LJ = Awesomeness!

If you only need one dress option to last you through this season, this is the one. Try a leather jacket over your favorite little black dress and add some swag to your date night. The right leather jacket can upgrade all your outfits. Wear it with a little black dress, or a long one. A good fit will elevate the entire look and have you feeling great and looking even better.
In fact, don’t be afraid to mix up the colors, your LBD will go great with a leather jacket of any color. In fact, the bright color boosts up the overall look. If you don’t want the stereotypical LBD look, pair it with white sneakers. This look can work on every occasion like birthdays, afternoon BBQ parties or an all-mom get together.
Leather and leggings for a perfect weekend look

There are certain days you feel kind of lazy and don’t want to put efforts into looking good. On those days grab a leather jacket and wear it with you casual leggings and sneakers. This low maintenance look is perfect for a day spent window shopping casually, or hanging out with your friends. Go all black, or infuse a little bit of color into a dull Sunday with some funky accessories. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with this casual yet powerful look.

The Last Word

A beautiful leather jacket is essential for a well-rounded closet. It transitions smoothly from season to season without the need for expensive upkeep and seems to magically make you look like you put 100% more effort into your outfit than you did.
Adding glamor and it-factor in your wardrobe a leather jacket will make you look effortlessly beautiful. We’ve told you some ways with which you can pair your bad-boy leather jacket with you maxis, middies and other types of dresses to look crisp and fresh. So, take that leather jacket from the last drawer of your closet and style it in all the ways we have just revealed to you.


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