5 Reasons You Should Not Start Blogging


Want to be a famous blogger? Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t even start

For a few years now I hear people saying they want to start blogging for all the wrong reasons. I don’t think there was a day that went by without someone telling me that they want to be bloggers, mainly fashion bloggers.

Main reason? Making a lot of money, travelling and of course, getting free stuff from big brands.


I’ve got news for you, it’s not that easy and you might just give up along the way because it’s very time consuming and you will find yourself in a dark corner not knowing what to do to get noticed. Then you start spaming people with emails, or posts ono social media, trying to get out there but you won’t succeed. The only thing you might just do, is ruin the name you haven’t yet built.

why not to start a blog

So before you start getting your fabulous outfits out of the closet, read about these 5 reason for which you shouldn’t start blogging.

  1. You think that taking beautiful pictures with your phone will be just enough to get you started. That might be right for an Instagram Influencer, but you can’t just rely on that. Being a fashion blogger is not only about getting hundreds of likes on instagram. You need high quality pictures to stand out, so brand would actually work with you.
  2. First post, first collaboration. You will post your first fabulous outfit and you are already checking your emails to see if you’ve got your first big deal. Not that fast! it will take months or even years to get out there. It’takes time to build a community, to get valuable traffic that will also convert.
  3. Getting traffic is easy! I’ve got lot of friends. Wrong! Your friends might just read your blog from time to time, but you need real visitors, followers to get your content out there. It’s not all about the sessions, but more about the quality of the visitor. If you have a bounce rate of over 80% but with thousands of sessions, that’s not really going to help on the long term. Try to establish a community first, then grow.

how to get traffic to your blog

  1. I will just take a picture in front of this amazing building and people will just love my new post. that might be true if the styling is done properly but if there is not story around the subject, you will just get a few clicks with a 10 seconds visit. You have to write valuable content so the readers will come back and even subscribe to your newsletter. Tell them about where you got that designer skirt from and that it was a real bargain but add a story to it, a real story of course. Try to engage your readers and help them with valuable info. Like how you can wear a dress for both a day look and a night out. Add ideas and present options for maybe a budget look.
  2. 5.Posting once a week is enough because I use social media everyday and it compensates. Not really. You need well written content to get readers. So if you post a picture on instagram you might get thousands of likes and followers but what will they read about you? No content, no readers. You have to post at least 3-4 times a week to be able to grow your blog. Otherwise just stick to social media and stay an influencer.

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Success doesn’t come fast but if you are hardworking you will get there. Blogging is a full-time job that you have to commit to if you really want to succeed and it takes more that a phone, computer and fancy outfits to get up there.

Think about taking at least 4-5 hours a day to work on your blog, plus research and taking pictures. Don’t forget about original content because people want to know you, read your ideas and admire your pictures.

So will you start blogging soon? Have you got what it takes to work your way up?

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