5 Types of Coats You Need to Own

It’s that time of year again when you need to get your warm clothes out of the closet and snuggle in knitted layers to keep yourself warm, and if you don’t own any, you need to get some from Gamiss.

So what’s the iconic piece that will keep your wardrobe fresh and interesting this time of year? A coat, a jacket, a trench, different names same purpose. This piece of clothing will be the cherry on top of your favorite outfits, so pick it wisely.

Talking about these upper layers, we need to count down the 5 most important types of coats or jackets as you might want to call them that you need in your wardrobe this season.


The wool coat is ideal for office or more elegant looks that can’t be layered under a puff coat. It’s comfortable, chic and will keep you warm for years to come if you pick the right cut and color. Go for something classic, in a bold or neutral color you know you will wear next year too. Wool fabric keeps you cozy and warm while being elegant too.

jackets you need for the cold season

Wool coat

The trench coat is almost as versatile as the wool coat, but depending on he cut and fabric it might just be a bit on the more urban side. Think about the iconic Burberry trench coats that will never go out of fashion. Neutral colors that can basically go with anything and everything you already own.

5 jackets you need for fall


Something cool and edgy. The leather and fur jacket is a staple piece you really need to get if you want to stand out with a rock chic look. Wear it with chiffon dresses and combat boots for an uber cool outfit.

5 jackets you need for fall

Fur and leather jacket

The puffy jacket that keeps you warm when you go up in the mountains. It’s that day to day jacket that never lets you down. As a tip, try to find the right length for your body type and shape. Be sure you won’t look like a fat penguin wearing such a jacket.

puff jacket

Puff coat

Quilted or not, bomber jackets are still hip this season. The cut is very simple so try to pick an interesting texture for this type of jacket. An embroidery, a velvet texture or studded details.

jackets you need for the cold season

Quilted bomber

What’s on your list?

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