5 Ways Backpacks with Chargers are a Necessity at any Festival this Season


Summer season is here and it marks the start of all the cool music festivals you’ve been waiting for. These festivals may be your much-needed break from all the boring ruckus of the daily lives into the soothing kingdom of music. But what they also are; is a break from all the luxuries of your home as you’ll be camping for days without access to power. This may be troubling in this decade where our gadgets have become an extension of our hands. But worry not! Power Backpacks (backpacks with charger) are our saviors as they not only accommodate our gadgets safely in one place but also charge them at the same time.

We have put together a list of 5 major reasons why you should carry backpacks with charger this festive season as your perfect travel companion.

backpack charger

  1. Plenty of Space:

The main purpose of a backpack is to help you carry your stuff around with ease and safety. These new modern-day power backpacks do just that but in a sleeker and lighter way. They have tons of space inside to accommodate all your gadgets and gizmos. These backpacks also have many internal pockets designated for different purposes, like one for cards and one for holding the cables etc. to make your travels manageable and trouble-free. You can easily fit in your laptop, tablets, phones, snacks, few clothes, your hygiene care products and your cables and cards into the bag pack.


  1. Charge on the Go!

The main feature of the backpack other than accommodating your gear is to charge your devices while you travel. They come equipped with large batteries that take care of your charging needs. Plenty of power backpacks available in the market support the latest ports and fast charging so all your devices would be charged quickly.


  1. Multi-Device support

Many power backpacks available in the market like this backpack charger can charge up to 3 devices at the same time. You can charge all your 3 essential gadgets i.e. phone, tablet and laptop with the help of a USB and the latest USB type-C ports. You also have the option of cable routing by the help of seamless routing channels running through the backpack to prevent cable rummaging.


  1. All Season Protection

Normally the backpacks are made up of strong and durable exterior materials that are also water resistant (that means they can also repel light snow). This makes them a perfect travelling companion for all weather conditions as they carry your stuff safely while you enjoy. If you want extra protection, you may also find power backpacks on the market that have a special RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) pocket for fraud protection that carries your credit/ debit cards while you’re travelling so you can enjoy the festivities stress-free and comfortably.


  1. Time-efficient:

Power backpacks are extremely time-efficient as compared to the old school large and bulky suitcases. They provide the well-organized packing of a backpack; with different compartments to hold your valuables and gadgets while resting on your shoulders as you move along freely with your friends without the hustle of dragging your suitcase behind you. And the plus is that they also charge your devices while you’re travelling so your phone won’t die while taking a selfie or recording a video for your vlog.


Backpacks are fashionable, trendy and very suitable for fast packing and unpacking which makes them a wise choice for millennials and teenagers. Power backpacks will prove to be your best travelling companion for camping and music festivals.



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