I managed to make some other accessories in between learning for my exams. Thank God the exam session is over, now I can focus on my work. New stuff soon!!!!

P.S. I also added prices to the products because I got many requests for that 🙂

I made this ring for my mom. It is made of silver plated wire with a blue Swarovski crystal.

Am facut inelul acesta pentru mama mea. Este din sarma placata cu argint si un cristal Swarovski albastru.

Silver plated wire ring with Swarovski crystals. Diameter approximately : 16.9 mm

Inel din sarma argintata si cristale Swarovski. Diametru aproximativ :16.9 mm

Price/pret: 35 lei

Purple leather braided bracelet with silver chains and fimo butterfly pendant. Length: 18 cm

Bratara impletita din piele violet sidefata, cu lanturi argintii si pandantiv din fimo in forma de fluturas. Lungime: 18 cm

Price/ pret: 35 lei

Black leather bracelet with silver and black chains. Length: 17cm+ 5 cm extra chain

Bratara din piele neagra si lanturi metalice argintii si negre . Lungime:17 cm+ prelungire 5 cm

Price/pret: 30 lei

Metallic chain bracelet with leather insert and pink Swarovski crystal heart pendant. Lenght:17 cm+ 5 cm extra chain

Bratara din lant metallic cu insertie de piele neagra si pandantiv roz din crystal Swarovski. Lungime : 17cm+ 5 cm prelungire

Price/pret: 40 lei

3 strand metallic chain bracelet with satin thread weaving. Length: 17 cm

Bratara din 3 lanturi metalice cu snur satinat. Lungime:17 cm

Price/pret:30 lei

Black leather bracelet with black chains and Swarovski crystals charms. Length: 17cm

Bratara din piele neagra cu lanturi negre aplicate si pandantive din cristale Swarovski. Lungime: 17cm

Price/ pret: 50 lei

Butterfly fimo pendant in metallic colors and rhinestones. Size 3/4 cm approximately

Pandantiv din fimo, pictat in culori metalice si strasuri aplicate. Marime aproximativ

3/4 cm

Price/pret: 12 lei

Fimo pendant in metallic colors. Diameter approximately 3 cm

Pandantiv fimo in culori metalice. Diametru aproximativ 3 cm.

Price/pret:10 lei

Fimo pendant with abstract design in metallic colors. Diameter approximately 5 cm

Pandantiv din fimo cu desen abstract in culori metalice. Diametru aproximativ 5 cm

Price/pret: 15 lei

This is a set that I made for my BFF Mede . I hope she likes it and wears it with pleasure.

Acest set l-am facut pentru prietena mea Mede. Sper ca ii place si ca o sa il poarte cu placere.

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