Acne vs. Pimples

When you hear the words acne and pimple, you may wonder if they are different and why? They can sometimes be used interchangeably, but there are differences between the two. If it is that time of the month, you may have an acne breakout. This can cause additional stress on top of trying to find the best organic tampons, but if you understand what acne and pimples are, you may be able to prevent them or at least reduce their severity.

acne versus pimples


A pimple is a single bump on the surface of your skin, and it emerges when clogged pores are infected. A pimple often is filled with pus, which is actually a collection of bacteria. A pimple is a milder form of acne, and one or more can show up on different parts of your body, although the face is the most common location.


Acne refers to when you have numerous pimples and breakouts on the skin. They can be red or pus-filled, and acne is often diagnosed for people who have breakouts on a frequent basis.

Causes of Acne and Pimples

In order to have healthy skin, your glands must produce hydrating oil. However, when they produce too much, it can mix with dirt and dead skin cells. This buildup leads to a proliferation of bacteria, which results in swelling, redness and pus. Both acne and pimples are caused by this, and there are certain times when this is more common.

Changes in hormones cause the skin to produce more oil. The first time this occurs is during puberty, where both boys and girls experience an influx of hormones. This is why acne is so common during this period of time.

When women get their period, they also have a rise and fall of different hormones. Along with finding the best type of tampon applicator, women may have to deal with a random pimple or two due to menstruation. Women who have an imbalance of hormones may notice they have more frequent acne breakouts during their periods.

Certain environmental factors, such as humidity, cold weather and air pollution, can lead to clogged pores and subsequent pimples. Genetics can also play a role. That is why some people have years of frequent acne breakouts while others just get a pimple here and there.

Prevention and Treatment

Pimples are often easier to prevent, and lifestyle modifications to battle excessive oily skin are often part of it. Some things to do include:

·        Shower immediately after physical activity

·        Wash sheets and dirty clothes regularly

·        Eat less sugar

·        Increase exercise

·        Eliminate processed and fried foods

·        Drink lots of water

water for acne

It also pays to use quality skincare products. Just like using organic cotton period pads during menstruation, using an organic acne-fighting solution as a nightly regimen and/or at the beginning signs of a  pimple, is good for the health of your body.

If you experience frequent acne, you may need medical help, as it is often a sign that something is more complex. Your doctor may test your hormone levels and modify your birth control. A visit with a dermatologist may also help to find a solution.

Pimples and acne are not fun, but there are solutions to help manage them. Whether you are going through puberty or are noticing an increase of acne during your periods, it does not need to disturb your life.

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