Addicted to Starbucks

 I couldn’t wait for this Monday ebcause it was my first “day off”in a while and I could actually finish some of my work. 

But well, things don’t always go as planned and I actually had a pretty bad day and I will try  later to finish everything I wanted to do. Tomorrow, another photoshooting with my fellow fashion bloggers. 
More on that soon.
Abia am asteptat sa fie luni , prima mea zi “libera”de ceva timp, si puteam sa imi termin treaba cu ocazia asta. Dar cum lucrurile nu merg conform planului,si am si avut o zi destul de nasoala, ramane sa incerc mai tazriu sa termin treaba. Maine o noua sedinta foto cu doua bloggerite din Timisoara, miercuri cu alte doua, dar mai multe detalii in curand!
And the winner of the “Coco made me do it” GIVEAWAY is Vanessa Admira!

Blouse: Here
Skirt: Here
Bag: Here
Boots: Stylishplus

 Photos by Veres Krisztian


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