Affordable Makeup Brushes

Great makeup brushes on a budget


There is no such thing as affordable makeup brushes that really are great, but you might want to thing this issue again.

You might feel that cheap brushes don’t work as well as the more expensive versions but that’s not always true. You can try soft brushes at a very cheap price but which are of good quality, for the price you paid of course.

3 reasons to consider buying cheap brushes rather than expensive ones

  • If you use them daily, they will wear off so the idea of getting cheap brushes is that you might want to change them from time to time, so why invest a lot of money in some brushes you will want to throw away in a few months.
  • Basically if you are not a makeup artist, you might not want to invest too much in a set that will break the bank. Get an affordable set that works for you and save money for something else, like a new bag.
  • Both do the exact same thing and you will probably not go out wearing the brush you just used to do your make-up. So why pay more for the same result? Would you buy luxurious pots and pans if the food tastes the same as it was made in an affordable pot?


Still, there is a catch here too. Even if I am saying you shouldn’t invest much in brushes, you might not want to buy the cheapest products you find just because maybe they will last that long.

If you have the opportunity, try them before buying and check all the details. Be sure they fit you need and never go overboard with buying huge sets. If you buy a big set you will probably use just a few and the others will just sit for some time until you eventually throw them away.

Basic brush types you need to own

To make things easier, here are the brushes you should buy if you don’t own them by now:

  • foundation brush or beauty blender
  • powder brush
  • concealer brush
  • flat eyeshadow brush
  • crease eyeshadow brush
  • blush brush
  • eyeliner brush
  • brow brush
  • lip brush

Start with these brushes you can also find on Rosegal and see what else works for you.


affordable makeup brushes

affordable makeup brushes


affordable makeup brushes

affordable makeup brushes

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