How AI Influences Your Shopping Choices

Online shopping made easier


It’s very interesting how AI can influence your daily activities especially when it comes to online shopping and specifically the choices you get to make in the end. You probably haven’t thought about it too deep but AI is starting get a big grasp upon the things that surround us.

If you think back, we used to make shopping choices after we tried something on, see how it fit or how a color or cut looked on us. Same thing with make-up. You went to a shop, tried on some samples, found the perfect match and then bought it.

Nowadays we have bloggers, influencers that make real reviews and suggestions which you can take into account before buying something. You can do a bit of research and then when purchasing something you are 90% sure you’ve made the right choice.  But as AI takes a bigger step in the industry we find ourselves with this super technology that basically makes everything much more easier. This means that most things turn to automated versions but as Andrew Charlton said, this won’t necessarily mean that humans will be replaced by automated devices; this just shifts roles a bit, for the best in the end. Robots will surely get going on the routine and easy take this, place it here tasks rather than taking decisions and making plans. People will surely stay on the more creative and administrative side because eventually they developed robots as we know them now.

AI and shopping for makeup

Think about the big step Sephora made when implementing a Visual Artist app that lets you try on their products and actually see what colors look best on you. This saves you a lot of time and probably money too. This super cool app also shows you suggestions of products and colors based on your skin tone. Expert customer service without needing to actually talk to a real person, how cool is that?

But if you think this over a bit, human interaction is good, even for the industry because the people that actually worked in such a shop might have lost their job because everything they did got automated and there was no use in keeping a needy human to do something AI software could do too.  Andrew Charlton has an bias view upon this subject and he points out both advantages and disadvantages of automation, just as I pointed above.

From simple choice like buying clothes and make up to big things like picking up the best car or house, AI will surely change the world as we know it making everything at hand at the touch of a button.

Do you think it’s for the best or not? We shall see!



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