Aran Sweater – How to Wear it

Maybe Aran Sweater doesn’t mean anything to you when you first hear the term, but they actually have an big history behind them.

What does Aran Sweater actually mean?

Aran is really a style of jumper, named after the Aran Islands. Traditionally they are off-white or white with the specific cable patterns all over. The wool they were made of would be unscoured, with natural oil onto it( lanolin). This would make the ideal even during rainy days as they would be waterproof due to that lanolin.

As fashion always evolves and traditional meets modern approaches, the Aran sweater has shifted shape, colors and style to meet the contemporary trends. And that’s not a bad thing in my opinion because this way crafty details and family traditions would never fade forever.

When I first got my very own Aran Sweater I was impressed with it’s softness and it’s thermal qualities. I used to wear it on super cold days and I have to admit that it did i’s job well. Comfy and chic, the Aran sweater is indeed a piece worth investing in. As their price is not that low, I’d suggest finding a piece that you know would work well into your existing wardrobe. I went for a cardigan coat like sweater that I integrated in both classy, edgy and casual looks very easily. For some not as fabulous looks, I wear the sweater to work under my fur lined parka paired with jeans, a cotton blouse and combat boots. Simple as that.

How to style it

Because of it’s classic style, the Aran Sweater can easily be the centerpiece of any outfit. Wear it with bell bottom jeans, a simple top and a big scarf for a cosy boho chic look.

Try it with leather trousers, high heeled ankle boots and a big fedora hat.

For a more chic, romantic look, wear a textured silk dress, over the knee boots, a knitted beret and the knitted cardigan as a coat.

There are so many ways to wearing such a cool piece of clothing, you just need to put your imagination into action.

aran sweater
fedora hat knitted sweater
aran sweater

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