Are Diamonds Fashionably Versatile?

Diamonds and casual fashion


When we are talking about diamonds, we automatically see flashing lights, a red carpet, a glass of champagne, red lipstick and a train gown that lets you move just step by step, so elegantly.

Even if their reputation precedes them, diamonds can really be easily integrated into day to day looks for that high fashion down the street vibe we all love.

From the very innocent promise ring to the forever I do ring, they all have the same thing in common: beautiful memories, gifts for a lifetime and what a better way to mark a special event than by gifting yourself or someone else a diamond adorned piece of jewelry.

As diamonds can be very pretentious, if you want something a bit more on the casual side, got for the classic Diamond Tennis Bracelet.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Where did the diamond tennis bracelet got it’s name from?

Funny history about how the tennis bracelet got its name, and you probably have no idea where the name came from. Well it’s obvious that it’s about tennis, but what does tennis have in common with diamonds and bracelets?

In 1987, at the U.S Open, a famous tennis star, named Chris Evert was into a really important game when all of a sudden, right in the middle of the match, she asked the officials to stop the game because her diamond bracelet has fallen apart on the court. She then took a few minutes to gather all the small parts and retrieve her loved bracelet. Since then this type of bracelet got the name we all know today: Diamond Tennis Bracelet.

The perfect gift!

For her, if you are celebrating a wedding anniversary, for your daughter if she graduates, for your mom just as a thank you for everything you have done for me, for any other occasion worth being marked this way.

Look for high quality designs that are both flexible and well made to be sure you don’t have to cope with a similar unexpected event. has a wide range of diamond tennis bracelets you can choose from. Either you buy for yourself of for a loved one, you should be aware of the quality of the stone you pick and of course, the structure and design.

A well made piece can cost you a few thousands of dollars but you can also find very affordable versions you can even gift your best friend from highschool without worrying about your budget.

How versatile are these diamond pieces?

Well, if  a tennis player wore the diamond tennis bracelet on the court, you might understand how easily you can integrate it in any outfit.

From skinny jeans, T-shirt and a leather jacket, to a casual shift dress and high heels or even a floor length gown and a chignon bun for a super fancy event. You name it!

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

This classic diamond bracelet can remain on your wrist all day long, because as the saying goes, diamonds are forever and there is no need in taking them off.


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