Are Over the Knee Sock Overrated?

Fashion comes and goes, but what remains is personal style and preferences for certain items of trends. These trends might just go away but still be sported by part of the worldwide fashionistas against current trends.
Chrissy’s Socks maintained a perfect flow of trendy items that kept fashionistas interested in their socks designs.

Over the knee socks are part of this love-hate scene that surrounds us all everyday. But what is this all about?

First worn for warmth and protection during the Roman Empire, then turned into fashion statement accessories. These knee high socks can make you look better or just destroy your look easy as pie.

One thing we are sure about is that Chrissy’s socks are definitely on the casual side so there is no doubt about what outfits you can pull out with them. I personally love thigh high socks but I had a hard time finding the best pair.

How to pick the right knee high socks

The rules are very simple, yet I know that you might have not thought of them when you last picked your socks.

Be sure to have them the right length for you height and leg anatomy. This might sound weird, but my legs would look too short and distorted whenever I pick the wrong length. I have to get them 5 cm over the knee to be sure they look ok. Preppy chic looks are often associated with such socks.

converse lady oufit

The right width or if they stretch enough to say it that way. If they are too tight, you legs will look fluffier and that is not flattering at all. Been there, done that, and learnt after that I need socks that are loose at the top so I wouldn’t look like a sausage.

Prints and colors – these points would depend on your preferences but you need to keep in mind that horizontal stripes, big prints and light colors will make you look fatter. Instead, choose darker colors, designs that flatter your figure, maybe even make your legs look slimmer.

What to wear knee high socks with?

Denim skirts and tennis shoes, casual jersey dresses and ripped jeans for a cool festival attire. Even if they have more of a fashion purpose, they indeed keep you warm so you might benefit from this characteristic when you want to pick a sexy look but the weather is not too friendly.

How do you like to wear knee high socks?


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