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Marquee lights

From simple letters to more intricate objects like stars, moons, plants or animals, marquee lights started to gain more popularity within the contemporary baby room trends.

Besides all the dolls, shelves and fun toys, a cool star marquee sign may be just the right touch to give the whole room a bit more cozyness. I have to admit I just ordered a moon and a star for my baby’s room, but until we start to design it they will just have to wait up on a shelf.

I will add them on the wall where the bed will be and what I love most about these marquee lights is that they are operated by batteries and not a DC plug, so safety comes first in this case.


There are tons of ideas and you could scan Pinterest all day in finding new, fun room designs for your baby, so all you need to do is find a trend and stick to it. Be creative and add that personal touch to it.  If you have been looking through room designs you might have seen that most baby rooms now have at least a marquee letter up on a shelf or above the bed.

Don’t you think marquee lights are so cool?

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Led Lights

Photo source: Pinterest

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