Black blazer outfits

Generally speaking  blazers are somewhere between the casual cardigan and the more elegant suit jacket. They are versatile pieces of clothing especially when talking about classic, simple design in neutral colors like black, beige, white or grey.

I would always for for a leather jacket instead of a blazer, but I can’t deny the fact that any woman should own a blazer in her favorite color just to add some diversity to her wardrobe and also because this piece of clothing might save you when you least expect them to.

To fully convince you that it’s worth investing in a nice blazer, I will give you some ideas on how you could style it.

Casual blazer looks

When talking about casual fashion, a simple black or grey blazer will do the trick for any simple outfit. Boyfriend jeans, Nike Air Force 1 sneakers and a loose T-shirt is the way to go. Comfy is the key for a cool casual outfit. Blazers are not pretentious pieces of clothing, unless you treat them that way.

black blazer outfit
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black blazer jeans outfits
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Elegant attires matched with blazers

Elegant blazer outfits are ideal for cocktail parties. If you are looking for the classic LBD look, then you should opt either for an embellished blazer or a cool texture or color. Velvet blazers look pretentious but they would add just the right touch of elegance to your attire. A red taffeta blazer could be the right choice if you want a statement yet simple combination for that company party at the end of the week, if you don’t want it black of course.

elegant dress with black blazer
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Rocking the black blazer

This is probably my favorite just because boots and blazers are a match made in fashion heaven.

black blazer outfits
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Either you go for a leather skirt, net stockings, an AC DC T-shirt and a simple black blazer, or justa T-shirt dress , boots and a blazer, you will nail the trend. To add some sice to your rock inspired blazer, sew on some studs, chain details or just ad vintage rock pins for a touch or rebel youth.

studded black blazer

Ready to give some credit to your blazers?

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