Black Fedora


Perfect hats for the cold season

In my opinion, the best accessory you can never go wrong with for almost any occasion is the black fedora.

Popularized in 1891, the fedora is a wide brimmed felt hat that has an indented crown and two deep creases on the sides.

It’s elegant, classy and urban at the same time. This is probably why it’s so versatile and simple to style with basically any clothing item you own.

I always go for a black fedora when my hair is not as fresh as it should be. It would basically save me from a bad hair day as fast as you can say fedora. For a quick fix, you can also try fedora’s smaller sister, Trilby.

How to style a black fedora?

Very simple! I prepped up some ideas based on my past looks, because yes, I do own several black fedoras and I love to wear them all the time.

I always love to add a bit of contrast, so going for pop-ing colors is a must. In this case, a fuchsia leather jacket. 

Wax coated jeans and leopard printed wedges would just complete the whole look.


black fedora


Fuchsia infusion

Yes! A knitted maxi cardigan can be the perfect match for your super cool fedora. For a chic touch, try a white shirt and over the knee boots. A killer!

black fedora

Knitted up

Baby it’s cold outside! But you can just cover everything up with an awesome fur lined coat. To keep my head warm I opted for a black fedora of course. High boots and a some leather shorts for a hot mix.

how to wear a black fedora hat

White coat

Ethnic printed cardigans will always be fashionable! This look in particular could be worn year after year without it being boring. Try skinny jeans instead or shorts for a more casual outfit.

wearing a black fedora in autumn

Ethnic poncho

The beige coat with a fur collar is very elegant so I added a bit of urban touch to it with some blue denim shorts. To match the classyness of the jacket, I went for a black fedora. Touche!

fur coat and black fedora

Blue suede boots

So how do you style your fedora hats?

Any great tips you would like to share with me?


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