Black Lace Dress Outfit

Midi lace dress for a cool mix

Lace dresses are eternal, especially if they are in a neutral color like black, beige, grey or red.

We see them every season on the runways, reinvented, restyled or just the same with a little twist. Then we look into our wardrobe and we see several designs there too. The first thing that we lay our eyes on when going shopping is probably made of fine lace, so why are they so popular? What makes a black lace dress outfit so cool?

The fabric screams elegance and yet they are very comfortable and yet could be styled very casually as well. Surely this can happen if we are talking about simple cuts. They will never go out of style and their elegance can’t be dismissed.


Black Lace Dress Outfit

Dress: HERE / Bag: AIM /Hat: old+DIY


red purple hair


So how do we wear lace dresses?


Well, it always depends on the occasion. You can go to a fancy party and wear it with stiletto heels or sandals, a statement necklace and a small clutch.


If you want a bold look, try going for some biker boots and a leather or denim jacket stacked with patches and pins. Don’t forget about a braided Mohawk or maybe a sleek ponytail.


Depending on the type of your dress, you can add a bit of preppiness to it by layering it under a simple white shirt. You can achieve the same look by going for detachable collar that you can actually wear with anything else as well.


I might say that the look I picked to style is going into the cool section. A midi lace dress that can be either elegant or casual, matched up with an embellished hat and some high heeled harness ankle boots. Because matching shoes and bags are not that hot anymore, I went for a grey bag to match my head instead. Lace dress fabric is super popular and never goes out of style.

embellished hat


black dress outfit

Another tip I would like to share with you.

Restyling your lace dress.

When I buy a dress I think of how many ways I can wear it in plus how many ways I can transform it.

For example, I like going for maxi dresses with long sleeves. This way I can detach or cut the sleeves, cut a slit or just shorten the dress. This way I get so many different out

fits with just one dress. Maybe you can try it your self. Buy a long dress and just adapt it on the way. You can wear for years just by adjusting it from time to time.

midi lace dress

Would you buy a dress just to cut it in a few months? I surely would!

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