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Festival bohemian look

Summer and boho looks are almost synonym because there is nothing that feels as good in a hot summer day than a flowy dress made of natural fabrics that feel silky on the skin.

What is the Bohemian style?

Basically it’s all about ruffles, flower prints, loose fitting clothing with a very eclectic style mix summing up an in a very artistic outfit. This style has been inspired by the real bohemian style icons from the late 1960-70’s, the hippies. Colorful patterns, big skirt, loose trousers, braids, feathers in their hair, hats, round sunglasses, western boots, peasant blouses, embroideries and crochet lace details were basic pieces for styling outfits.

The boho style as we know it now became really popular in the 2000 and in my opinion, it’s fame never faded.


Bloggers, celebrities and may other fashion lovers tend to adopt the boho look for summer music festival, so basically we have a endless flow of inspiration that keeps us being creative summer after summer.


boho look

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Dress: Novashe / Hat : H&M / Boots: Sam Edelman / Backpack : Parfois / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Watch: Daniel Wellington

boho look


fringed backpack

mother daughter matching outfits


mommy and daughter


mother daughter matching outfits


bohemian style dress


Ray Ban aviator 2018

I have to admit that I barely contained myself not to add my beige cowboy boots to this outfit because it was such a basic combo. Instead I went for these suede Sam Edelman ankle boots that are so comfortable and versatile. I really am thinking of getting them on black too.

The highlight of this outfit surely is my beautiful backpack that I got from my dear colleagues:D Thank you again! Isn’t it just a beauty?

A boho look couldn’t be complete without a flower printed, ruffled dress that makes every detail just fall perfectly together. It is very comfortable but I had a small issue with the elastic part at the top. It doesn’t sit on my shoulders:( Maybe I need to make it  a bit more loose or something. I think it’s too tight and it bounces back up really fast.

If it were a colder day, I would have picked a suede jacket to go with and maybe try to braid my hair. Instead I went for a quick fix, a straw hat from H&M because lately I never have extra time to spend on doing my hair properly.


Now that I think of it, I would have loved to add my feather hair extensions into this boho look. I think that would have looked really awesome. Maybe next time I remember that I have them.

Any boho looks that caught your eye lately?


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