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Boho Headpieces for Romantic Brides


Even if the summer wedding season is almost over, you can still get inspired for later on. I’ve recently discovered April, a beautiful artist, model and photographer that makes amazing bridal headpieces and not only. They are very pretentious, beautifully crafted and of course unique.

From delicate fabric flowers to golden twigs and pearly details, you can surely find something to fit your taste and most probably you won’t be able to decide which you like best.

Be sure to browse her Esty shop and find your dream accessory for that fairytale wedding.

white roses headpiece for brides


1. How did you start creating wedding headpieces?

My journey to creating wedding headpieces started when I was in college and started modeling wedding gowns, shortly after that I became an assistant wedding decorator so I was always surrounded by brides to be! One day I was clearing out an old closet and I came across an old hair accessory I had made myself for prom and it all sort of clicked in my head! I thought it would be a fun side project, but little did I know that this would very quickly become my full time job and that seven years later it still would be!

Bridal Shower Backdrop for photography




2. I see you are a complex artist. You design them, model and photograph each accessory. Which part of the process is your favorite?

There are so many unexpected aspects to being a full time artist. Especially when you are responsible for every creative aspect as well as business obligations! But without a doubt my favorite part of the process is when I get to sit down and create new designs. I love getting into the zone and working 12-14 hours a day in a huge flurry of creativity. I end up with piles of flowers and trims everywhere in my studio, but once I am done it’s a great sense of satisfaction.

3. I am sure you have brides that want custom made designs, but to which extent would you create them as they want to?

I used to take on many more complete custom designs, but with my current schedule there usually isn’t very much spare time to commit to them. I can always do slight alterations or swap colors of flowers for someone, but to do a complete custom design from bare bones to completed design can take days and I only take on a handful each month.

4. Which is your favorite design of all time?

I think my favorite design of all time is one of the very first creations I made and still have in my shop presently. It is called the Diana and features a braided vine base decorated with florals, but what makes it special to me is the back. It has a intertwining vine cascade that forms down the back of your hair and creates such a unique look!

butterfly wedding hairpiece for veil bridal headpieces


bridal headpieces


5. When talking about brides, which do you think is a more popular trend right now when it comes to accessories? What do brides prefer?

A very popular trend right now for bridal accessories is gilded gold or silver accents of metallic leaves or flowers. I absolutely love this look since it reminds me very much of medieval or renaissance art. In terms of what brides prefer, I think rustic or woodsy headpieces will always be very popular.

6. What materials do you prefer to use and why?

I always appreciate working with vintage or antique materials. Especially when I can take apart an old hat or antique headpiece and breathe new life into it! I think that is when I feel most inspired because it makes you reflect on the past life these flowers had and there is such a delicate quality to these old materials that modern supply just can’t compare to.

7. Are you a self-taught artist? Or did you take crafting courses?

I haven’t taken any courses on creative arts, but my Mother did teach me a great deal! She is always crafting, using the sewing machine all the time, and creating things. As I child I would sit next to her as she worked and she would teach me; so I definitely owe a great deal of my creativity to her.

8. If you wouldn’t be designing accessories, what would you be doing instead?

I always feel torn about this! I adore what I do now but, if I wasn’t designing accessories I think I would be in a scientific field. In college I thrived in physics and meteorology and I often times miss that mental stimulation! But one perk of working from home is that I can listen to podcasts and watch documentaries while I work.

floral hair band for brides


beaded flower hairpiece

9. 3 tips for any future bride regarding picking out accessories

My best tips for a future bride picking out accessories would be to first pick something that you will be comfortable wearing for hours. Secondly, pick something that is just slightly outside of the realm of what you would normally wear. This is your chance to live out a fantasy and create a look that makes you feel ethereal. My last tip would be to consider your hairstyle options, try to pick an accessory that would go with a multitude of hair styles so that if you have any last minute changes it can still work for you .

10. How could any bride make any cheap dress look more expensive?
I think a cheap dress can be a great template to work with! Floral sashes or pins can always make a dress stand out more and create a unique look. You could always add rhinestones or beading to your own gown as well, or sew on a cluster of vintage florals to the bodice. The possibilities are endless!
Another way to make a cheap dress look more expensive is with your hair accessories. Often times a simple gown pairs beautifully with an elaborate hair adornment!


Don’t you just want to get married after seeing these beautiful bridal headpieces?

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