Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Similar dresses, but how about their hairstyles?

Almost all the brides that I’ve heard talking about their big day wanted something special for the bridesmaids as well, not only for themselves. They had the whole picture in vision.

A colored off the shoulder wedding dress would be great even for bridesmaids. This way you can all have te same type of dress, while the bride would be white and the others colored.

From the classic identical bridesmaid dresses to flower bouquets and often even hairstyles made in the same style, everything had to be on point.

Going beyond the fact that I did not want bridesmaids, not because I do not like the idea, but just because I did not think that the idea of having a “bridesmaids” team with me would fit my style.  I think when the bride chooses how she wants them to look she should also take into account their personality.

I would have opted for different dresses that would fit their personal style, but they should follow the same color tone to look good. Whether it’s bouquets or flowers in the hair, I would not pick identical styling choices for each of them.


I would go so far as to let them make their own bouquets as they wish.



coafuri de domnisoare de onoare



Updos, braids or loose curls? As with dresses, when it comes to hairstyles, they have to match the bridesmaids personalities. Thus, the hairstyle would be better chosen by the hairdresser than the bride in this case. You can choose a theme and from there on each individual would go for something that fits their style. Whether you want all to have an elegant ponytail, or tied up in a stylish bun or maybe loose curls that fit a boho style, you should negotiate with them first.

After all, it’s your big day, but if you want these bridesmaids to be next to you, they surely mean something to you so their own image should fit the whole picture while still feeling like an individual with an obvious personal style.

domnisoare de onoare

coafuri pentru domnisoare de onoare

The ladies must feel good in what they wear and their stylistic preferences or style not to be hidden.

If you have decided that everything with be set up together with your team of bridesmaids then I will leave you with some variations of simple, feminine hairstyles, suitable for an elegant wedding that may easily be a bit boho too.

coafuri pentru domnisoare de onoare

freze domnisoare de onoare

flori in par domnisoare de onoare

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Which is your favorite?

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