Business in 2021 – Almost after the pandemic

The business industry as we knew it before the end of 2019 will probably never be the same again. This fast forward reorganization in the world around us has forced evolution especially when it comes to technology faster than ever before. The demand was high and the need was imperious in order for all of us to succeed in going further with our lives in one way or another.

For some businesses this was a breath of fresh air and breeded immense success while others hit the ground so fast that nothing could be done.

Work from home – until when?

Well this is a sensitive subject as people don’t actually know how this will eventually be. Business owners would want employees to be at work while employees would want to have a hybrid or very flexible office-home arrangement. Both have advantages and disadvantages but we know for a fact that things will never be the same again. Hiring people from different places around the world made acquiring talent much easier. Basically companies were not restricted to searching locally which meant a wider selection of candidates up for the title. No more commute which meant more time for the family, learning or doing extra tasks for the job. Bosses wouldn’t have so much control if the employees were not in the office, but if they picked the right ones those would be devoted to their job, so staying on the job and not thing something else wouldn’t have been something to consider. Fast paced working as there is actually more time available, but this is not something healthy. As Bennet Schwartz noticed that people tend to get fatigue and become less productive. Not in quantity but rather quality.

Online businesses thriving

Online media buying has gone through the roof not only for online businesses but also for offline ones.

The demand is so high that digital designers can’t get their creativity working that fast. Bennet Schwartz thinks that people need time to relax in order to produce really good pieces of design so if they are always stressed about deadlines, they can’t focus on what is really important like ideas and innovative visuals. Problem is that people got really used to doing everything online in the past few months. They work, learn, socialize, play, date, shop and even enjoy entertainment only. So a simple ad might not attract their attention because they are supra saturated from all those images they see constantly.

On the other hand, the businesses that managed to shift everything to the online and upscale as the demand grew fast were really successful in a short period of time.

Back to normal?

Things are going back to a somewhat normal almost everywhere around the world. But will businesses be back too? As we all have gotten used to doing everything online are we going back to the old life? Probably not. Surely travelling will skyrocket in the next period as people feel the need to travel and have a feeling of detachment from the day to day stressful life they’ve been living for the past year, but how long will this be like that? Will airway companies recover from the loss or will car renting thrive for a while? Having to get negative pcr test before flights and wearing masks on board is not something pleasant. So if there is any other way of travelling, like by a personal car, some will surely opt for that version out of comfort rather than anything else. This is not something we can predict right now. The recovering journey is probably longer for businesses that really hit the ground the past year.

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