Can clothing and accessories cause allergies?

If you think of the fashion industry, most articles are marketed as being beautiful, flattering, the latest trend, the most amazing, using words as must have, statement, show stopping etc.

And we love to hear that because we buy, and we buy a lot. But do we think about the quality of the fabric, the material it is made of and how that could impact us?

Not financially because we can buy clothes, jewelry and accessories for great prices made of natural fabrics, lead or nickel free accessories. At the same time we could be buying high end designer articles made of materials that can do real damage to our health. Spending wisely on clothing and thinking of checking up on health at Premier Allergy & Asthma clinics.

Do you get where I am going with this?

If I think of how many people that I know, their families or friends  that have allergies and compare to how things where a good while back, the statistics may be worrying. state that  10%–30% of the world’s population suffers from seasonal allergies and asthma. And these just include common problems we could all tackle. But there are many more serious allergies that could occur too and we have no clue about most of them. But it’s very important that if we see any symptoms that seems to be similar to an allergy then we should consider getting a professional’s help like Premier Allergy & Asthma specialised clinics.

Why could clothing cause allergies?

·         There are many reasons that differ from people to people.

·         Detergents we use to wash clothes can easily cause allergies especially on people with sensitive skin and young children.

·         Spandex and latex seem to be blamed for most allergies when it comes to pointing the fabric composition.

·         Wearing new clothes without washing them first? Bad idea. Even  if they are new, they should e washed beforehand.

·         Clothes that have zippers, metallic fastners or other metal or metal like parts can cuase nickel related allergies. Try to avoid them or be sure to check the tag for extra info.

Allergic symptoms that we can easily pinpoint at.

·         itchy and scaling skin.

·         redness with dry patches

·         skin acne or bacne.

·         watery eyes and running nose without having a cold.

How to prevent and avoid skin allergies

Refresh and throw away old clothes you don’t wear. They might contain mites and debris that could activate any allergies you could have.

Go for natural fabrics, preferably  cotton and avoid the ones that don’t feel good on your skin.

Always wash new clothes and older ones that haven’t been worn for some time before attempting to wear them again.

Try to check labels before buying new clothes. See what the fabric is made of and stay away from compositions that might not be good for your skin.

Remember that most allergies can’t be cured, just kept within the discomfort limits It’s frustrating but if you do need to tackle such a problem, professional help is always the best way to start.

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