Can You Wear Gold and Silver Together?

Does Gold Go Well With Silver?

I think I heard this question a million times before and it’s still a taboo subject.

Mixing these two metallic tones may be confusing especially if you love to have everything matchy matchy around yourself.

I know I’ve been there, but in time I learned not to try and match everything with everything because it might just look ridiculous.

Still, Can you wear gold and silver together?

Basic rules for mixing silver with gold:

  • Pick similar tones. Light gold will look great with a cold, silver tone.
  • Be sure that matte and glossy are a match. This might just be a small problem for picking out jewelry. Matte gold finish and glossy silver don’t look so great together.
  • Wear colors that could complete the whole look and might just even reflect them in one another.
  • Casual is better when wanting to get away with such a combination. For more elegant looks, there many more points to consider.


khaki jacket and white jeans

Jacket: Similar/ Jeans: Mango/Sunglasses: Hindsight /Shoes: Marc Jacobs/Clutch: Meli Melo/ Top: B.A.D style

Gold, Silver and Khaki

I picked a metallic gold top, a silver an gold watch, silver rings and a gold clutch. You might think :can you wear gold and silver together? but actually they do.

Have a look on how the gold top and khaki reflect into the jewelry and make everything blend out?

Green with green, black, gold and silver. They look earthy and harmonious because they shades reflect on each other creating such a perfect look.

Top try and make it more simple, I picked my white jeans as a blank canvas where I could work with the entire outfit. White jeans are a great choice when trying to start a look from scratch. They are dressy, hip and easy to style.

But of course, my favorite thing to mention here is: mix textures because they will give the whole look more personality. Embossed leather, metallic details, crinkled fabric and suede finishe jacket. All in one together with silver and gold, and they still look amazing.

How do you match silver and gold jewelery? Or you just don’t wear them mixed up.


casual khaki jacket

gold and silver accessories

plxy rose clubmaster sunglasses

can you wear gold and silver together

pravana red purple orange hair color vivids

khaki gold and white jeans look

khaki gold and white jeans look



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