Casual New Year’s Party

Sometimes you just want to relax and spend the special night at home or maybe at a cabana with friends and family. After all, setting up a big event at a fancy venue may seem like a hassle.

For such an occasion maybe you won’t want to dress up too fancy, but just feel comfy and yet look good by wearing something that looks good and flatters you too. Although a stay-at-home gathering isn’t as formal as other celebrations, it’s still a good idea to style yourself. If you think about it, the clothes you wear can set the mood. So, here are some styles you can sport during your new year’s party. 

The sweater dress

Some love it while others hate it, but the sweater dress really hangs tight to it’s reputation. It’s versatile, easy to be taken from a simple day outfit to an evening look just by adding some accessories and picking the right shoes. I love sweater dresses because they are so comfortable and they look  perfect with boots either over the knee ones or combat boots, your choice.  For a classy New Year’s party try adding sparkly jewelry to spice things up  but staying on the comfortable side of things too. I opted for some fur boots and sparkly necklace to accessorize it because I wanted to keep it simple. If it’s cold, don’t forget about tights. I wore nude stockings because it wasn’t cold, but still I wouldn’t go bare legged in winter, not even inside the house.

There are various sweater dress styles, so find a piece that compliments your body type if you want to look good in this type of clothing. For instance, if you want to highlight your legs, opt for a shorter dress. On the other hand, if you prefer to feel more comfortable, you can choose a loose or long dress. 

sweater dress

knitted dress

Find the sweater dress here.

The shirt dress

The shirt dress is something we all need in our closets, just like the sweater dress. The shirt dress can be really classy or just smart-casual. Depending on the fabric it is made of and prints, this could be extra elegant .You can use it during various occasions throughout the year, may it be Independence Day or Thanksgiving, making it a great closet staple. Besides wearing it as a dress, I also love to style it as a cardigan over a sequin skirt and a simple top. Surely this can also be worn over a much more casual outfit like jeans and a T-shirt for a fashionable festival mix. Wear it with combat boots or even sneakers, combinations are endless. I picked out this tartan shirt dress because of it’s versatility.  You can wear a shirt dress that emphasizes your personality while following the theme of your celebration. For instance, if the party’s dress code requires you to wear a blue shirt, pick your favorite shade of blue and style it to your preferences. 

My love for red and black tartan print isn’t something new and this piece filled the gap in my wardrobe. I will surely wear it with ripped shorts and crop tops next summer but for New Year’s I styled it as a dress with some platform over the knee boots and a hat. If I were to spend the big night in a club, I would surely opt for the grunge version. Leather shorts, a sequined embroidered top and boots. I don’t wear too many pieces of jewelry, but these bracelets are always on my wrist and they are enough.

tartan shirt dress

tartan printed shirt dress

tartan shirt dress or cardigan

The leather look dress

As super cool this dress is, the more difficult it is to wear it. Not because it;s not versatile, don’t get me wrong. It’s so revealing that you really need to step back from the extra food on Christmas to be sure you can look perfect in it for the New Year’s party. You should also pick the right undergarments to wear beneath it, since wearing the wrong one will ruin your look. You can try slimming underwear but you might be surprised that the seams will be visible through it. You can shop now on various clothing stores for the right underwear if you’re set on showing up to your new year’s party in a leather dress. For this version, I went for something simple, a bit rock-glam with the chunky boots and sequined blazer. I will probably wear this dress more as a skirt with chunky pullovers or shirts so I wouldn’t feel weird if I had any extra pieces of cake. All in all the color and texture is perfect for New Year’s. You can easily go out with it for a club party, but I wouldn’t wear it with stilettos. It needs a bit of taming so maybe something more rock or casual to temper it down.

PU leather dress

fake leather dress wine red

These are just some ideas on how you can style simple outfits for the casual New Year. You can opt for trousers or jeans with some fancy tops or maybe jumpsuits if you feel you want to be super original, no need to pick just dresses.

Boyfriend jeans and sequined tops are super glam and yet very comfy.

Flared trousers with a long silk cami is another idea of a boho chic look.

High waisted skinny jeans and a corset crop top with sneakers is something really edgy and yet very comfortable, just perfect for a casual party.

There are so many possibilities on how you could style your existing wardrobe into classy outfits for New Years.

Remember three things:

  • Keep it simple
  • Add few accessories to turn something from casual to glam
  • Stay true to your style and don’t be afraid to wear sneakers of flat boots on the big night.


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