Casual style outfits for busy days

Busy days come with a lot of planning and a dash of stress because that’s how things work.

If you can’t actually avoid stress, what you can do is find a nice outfit that would make you feel good and comfortable at the same time.

The funny thing is that we always tend to dress up in sporty clothing when we want to take things easy and feel comfortable, but there are indeed options to make things work even in more stylish outfits that feel comfy.

Not everyone feels comfortable wearing the same things. Some might prefer a loose dress, others denim or tracksuits. I always prefer casual trousers or jeans and T-shirt rather than dresses or skirts.

To give you some ideas, I present you 3 outfits and 4 pieces that you should consider for some casual style summer outfits.

The cargo pants

If the fabric is thin and loose, then you can surely go for some cargo pants as a comfy type of pants.

These cargo trousers are stretchy and the fit perfectly. Not too tight not too loose. I love to pair them with combat boots and these Dr. Martens are my new addition to the rockish footwear selection I’ve got in my wardrobe. Pairing them with any simple top or T-shirt is easy. They go well even with a casual bodysuit or a shirt and bustier top. Comfy and versatile are their best assets.

cargo trousers
cargo pants

The crop black T-shirt

Crop tops might be hard to style without looking odd. A 6 pack doesn’t guarantee a perfect pull-off for this piece of garment but a good pair of bottoms does. Be sure to go for any skirt, shorts or trousers with a high waist leaving just a hint of skin around the waistline. If you are going for anything crop, try the other pieces of garments to be kept simple. I pair the simple crop top with a pair of cargo pants, but it would look as good with a high waisted skirt or utility shorts. From casual-elegant to street cool  with just the right bottoms and accessories. What would you wish more from this top?

cargo pants

The fitness suit

Even if this loungewear set is mostly for the gym, recent trends say that they don’t need to belong just on the treadmill.  With the proper jacket, you might just be able to pull-off a sporty spice look without looking too odd. Pick a nice colorful windbreaker or lightweight bomber jacket that would only compliment and complete the look.

loungewear set

The casual cool T-shirt

Simple T-shirts with a cool message will always make it’s way into my wardrobe especially if it’s black. This one has a beautiful message, perfect for the times we are living right now. I really can’t wait to wear it with absolutely everything. Simple jeans, cargo pants, denim skirts and even sequins because it is indeed so versatile. I love the simplicity of the cut and colors because it makes it such a statement piece of clothing.

simple T-shirt
white text tshirt
be kind t shirt

When talking about footwear and casual outfits, the debate is very personal and it all revolves around comfort. I always avoid heels when I plan on creating a very comfy outfit. Sneakers and boots are my  first choices, after that, flat sandals, platforms or small heels.

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