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Zilele trecute la New Yorker, la casa, trei fete care sigur nu erau inca la liceu stateau cu bratele pline de haine pe care urmau sa le plateasca. Fiecare avea cate un Iphone6 in mana, spart, si purtau discutii elaborate despre baluri si tinute.

Inteleg ideea de a le oferii copiilor tot ce isi doresc, sau ce nu au avut parintii cand erau de varsta lor, dar pana unde? Oare ei vor intelege valoarea banului? Se vor bucura vreodata de lucrurile simple?

Eu imi aduc aminte cat de tare ma bucuram cand ma impletea mama mea cu orele ca aveam parul mult mai lung atunci. Acum, daca nu mergi la salon la 14 ani e grav de tot. Nu exista bal/banchet fara programare la machiaj,coafor, solar si sa nu mai zic de rochii. Cu trena, dantele scumpe sa fie o aparitie. Nu e mai important sa poti dansa, sa te simti bine?

Eu mi-am facut machiajul singura, la fel si coafura atat in clasa a 8-a cat si la banchetul din liceu.

Imi aduc aminte ca aveam cele mai misto petreceri cand eram mai mica. In curte, cu muzica data tare de se rupeau peretii, petreceri in garaj improvizate cu mancare facuta acasa. Azi daca nu inchiriezi cel mai scump restaurant/bar si nu faci un tort cel putin cat unul de nunta, nu se mai distreaza nimeni. In fiecare an mama mea imi facea tort, de fiecare data altfel si era cel mai bun din lume.

Azi ne dam pe tablete, telefoane si trimitem mesaje pe facebook, inainte era mai distractiv sa urlam la poarta sa vedem daca ii lasa afara la joaca. In pauza ma jucam baschet cu colegii, nu ne faceam sute de  selfiuri si asteptam sa numaram likeurile in pauza urmatoare.

E trist, chiar nu ne mai bucura lucrurile simple? Cum o sa ii invatam pe copii nostrii sa aprecieze lucrurile facute dim suflet daca ei vad altceva in jur?



A few days ago, in New Yorker at the checkout counter, three girls that surely weren’t in high school yet were waiting to pay for the pile of clothes they were holding. Each had an Iphone6 in their hand , each with a broken screen . They were talking about parties, and outfit.

I understand the whole idea of giving your what whatevere he wants, whatever you never had at his age because your parents couldn’t afford them, but do we have a limit? How will they ever appreciate  the simple things in life? Will they ever know the true value of money?

I remember how much I loved when my mom used to braid my hair for hours because I had much longer hair then. Now, if yuo are not going to the beauty salon at 14, it’s a real tragedy. No party without a hair and make-up appointment, or a tanning session to make sure they are perfect. Mermaid dresses, oscar gowns with expensive lace details that they can barely move in. Isn’t the party all about having fun and dancing? How can you dance in such a dress?

I did my own make-up and hair for the 8th grade and 12th grade parties and it wasn’t that bad.

I remember I had the best birthday parties at home. Music was so loud that we even broke one of dad’s sound systems. I had garage parties with disco lights and homemade food. They were the best. Now, if you are not going to a fancy restaurant, if you are not buying the biggest, weirdest cake for your kid, the party will be a dissaster, nobody will have  fun…..Really? My mom used to make the cake every time. She used to make it differentm colored whipped cream, different shapes, it was perfect!

Today, we would surf  on ipads, iphones, send messages on facebook while way back then it was much more fun to shout at the gate and see if the kid would be coming out. We used to play basketball in the breaks, we didn’t take hundreds of selfies and wait for the next break to count the likes.

It’s sad, simple things are not appreciated anymore. How will we be able to teach our kids to enjoy things made with love, not bought with money if they see something else around?

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