Classic or Bold?

Spring starts today so the rush for finding the best party dress is on! What to pick? Should I got for this season’s trends? Do I want to wear it next year too or just go wild and pick something that will surely go out of style but right now it’s this season’s must have? There are tons of questions and doubts that we will clear out now.

Going for a classic will always be a winner especially if you want to invest a big sum of money in buying the perfect dress. The attire you pick should make you feel comfortable, and this time I don’t mean it as it is, but comfortable with the image you create. If you are a shy person don’t go for bodl colors that will surely get you in the lime light. Pick nudes, neutral colors with some discreet details and embelishments just to make it more glam. I consider red as a classic even if it’s bold. It never goes out of style, it’s sexy and very elegant

On the other side, if you love the attention, go for red or even better, Marsala , the hit color of the season. Try a simple maxi dress that would compliment your figure and add some classy accessories. Big chandelier earrings or an interesting ring will do the trick. Silk dress are the best choice for a special event, like the prom or a wedding. It is elegant, classy and also comfortable if you choose the right design and size for your body type. Don’t pick complicated dresse becasue they will surely not look great on you and they are also very uncomfortable.

If you are not sure what to pick, has a great selection of budget prom dresses where you can pick maybe even two for the budget you have. Which is your favorite?


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