Cocktail dresses- All about the details

 Picking the right dress, a classic cut that never fades, the budget and other spendings-it sounds like a real drama.

 But there are always other solutions, like buying a dress online for the right price. At you can find anything you are looking for, you just have to decide what you like best. The prices are really good and the variety is amazing.
Cocktail dresses should be worth investing in because if you pick the ight one, you might just wear it years and years.
I will give you some tips.
Go for something simple that fit;s your style.
Go for neutrals like black, beige, grey or your favorite color. Look for details, like a beaded trim, some fancy lace, or a playful ruffle. Don’t get a very short one even if you look like a supermodel, a little longer is more elegant. For a sexy appearance, pick an open back dress but try to get a V-cut because it makes you look taller and slimer.
If you want to be really comfortable, never get a strapless dress especialy if it’s not costum made. Straps make it safe, if you know what I mean.
As for the shoes, if you don’t know what to go for, get nude shoes without a platform. Wearing black shoes for any color dress si not the right thing to do, not anymore anyway.
 Let’s not forget about accessories. If the dress is simple, you can go big and sparkly, like a statement necklace or a big bracelet. But if the dress has beaded details, a fancy lace or other embellishments, don’t think about putting much jewelry on. A red lipstick and an elegant make-up is what you need, just that and a beautiful smile!

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    Have a wonderful weekend dear.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis – inredning it’s, Swedish for decor 🙂

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