Coffee Mug Drawing

Chalkboard Coffee Cup


I think this is really a nice gift for the holiday season especially for your better half. A sweet message in the morning together with his favorite coffee or tea, will surely make a difference.

chalkboard mug

And because I love making things like these rather than buying them, I went out and bought the things I needed for this little project.

  • A simple white mug
  • Chalkboard paint
  • A brush
  • Chalk

chalkboard paint

EXTRA NOTE I didn’t use any primer so my chalboard paint started to peel off after a few messages, so I advise you to get an acrilic primer like the Pentart primer 

chalkboard paint

The steps are easy and it’s done in no time. You can surely finish it before he comes back from work.

Just wipe the mug, in your case paint the mug with primer first.

You can also use decals or make your own drawings like a heart, message bubble or anything else.

After the primer is set, paint over with the chalkboard print this time. You can add two layers for a better finish. Leave it to dry out around 48 h.

If you want to wipe out a message, simply use a wet sponge or cloth.I love how min eturned out but I will surely make another one this time also using a cermaics primer to be sure it lasts.

What’s your favorite message?

Coffee Mug Drawing chalkboard paint Coffee Mug Drawing chalkboard mug

Coffee Mug Drawing chalkboard mug


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