Combat boots – feminine or just tough?

We all know combat boots weren’t actually designed for women, or for fashion purposes for that matter but we do need to admit that they are really cool.


I remember how cool laced up boots were when I was younger and I used to wear them over jeans because that was the trend then. Actually it wasn’t a real trend but more of a you need to stay dry and warm so you will wear these boots over your jeans no-matter the style of jeans you have.

After overcoming that period I started wearing combat boots because they are very stylish, comfortable and convenient during the cold season.

Some say they are not feminine at all, some say they are tough and just that.

I say that here is a mix between the two that makes combat boots very cool and easy to style even for feminine looks.

From short skirts, dresses, to leather or wool shorts during the fall and winter to ripped jeans and denim skirts for summer. I rarely wear them with jeans, but when I do, I prefer either coated skinny jeans, leather look pants or some boyfriend jeans for a masculine touch to the whole look.

Combat boots did get into the lime light lately especially platform combat boots. They are the highlight of the season and I am trying to figure out which style would fit me better as I’ve got many on my wishlist but I do need them to be comfortable and not too high either.

When styling boots I love to play with textures.

A sequined skirt with a sheer splicing top and a comfy knitted cardigan is one way of putting together a cool yet comfy and chic look.

These boots have an army feel to the them even if the texture is metallic with a slight worn out look. They are indeed very comfortable but not warm enough for winter.

As the holiday season is approaching, another cool way of styling combat boots is with a metallic knitted dress and a warm cardigan or coat Surely you need not to forget about the tights or stockings underneath as you need to stay warm and healthy.

I mentioned before a cool mix with leather shorts. Even if many might argue that skin colored stockings are out, I do wear them and If they are picked right, they are almost seamless. I paired the shorts with a printed long sleeve blouse and a knitted cardigan. These boots are very cool just because of the metallic and texture mix. I love metal details on footwear, but you might have already figured out that`yourself. The  fur pompon beanie is not to be forgotten during the cold season as you can easily catch a cold.

Surely there are many other ways of putting together stylish outfits with combat boots, but you do need to experiment and see what fits your style better.




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