Cool Maternity Wear

Pregnant and stylish

Pregnancy is a really beautiful period in a woman’s life but when you start gaining weight, you won’t start to feel very beautiful. Cool maternity wear might just help you boost your good mood, at least in my case it did.

When I first started showing a bit, I thought omg I will have to look for special pregnancy clothing so that something would  fit me eventually but I was so wrong.

After browsing several well known shops, I found that most maternity clothes aren’t that cool at all. I didn’t like anything and they all looked weird so I did more research….

This time in my closet. I started taking out all the loose pieces of clothing I owned and tried everything on to see what looks nice and which make me look even bigger. I came to the conclusion that loose dresses are very pretty and I don’t actually need special clothes that I will probably not wear after that.


Cool Maternity Wear

Dress: Romwe / Hat : DIY / Coat: HERE /


what to wear when pregnant


The dress you see here is not a pregnancy dress. I have worn it before and here is one post featuring it, without the bump of course.


ombre fur jacket


pregnancy style


Cool Maternity Wear


So here are some of my tips for when you are looking for cool maternity wear:

  • go for stretchy fabrics if you like to reveal your bump.
  • low waist elastic jeans and leggings
  • elastic pencil skirts – I wore this one when I was on vacation a few weeks ago.
  • loose and flared dresses. Some skater dresses fit well too but it depends on the cut and how big your bump is
  • shirt dresses and  T-shirt dresses look very cute with flats or sneakers
  • don’t buy bigger sizes, pick the right cut for your present body-shape
  • baby-doll is not the only cut that could fit you… I personally don’t like it at all.

So as a conclusion, don’t buy special maternity wear unless it’s cool and you can wear it even after you get back into shape. It’s better worth investing in accessories rather than special clothes, so save up, feel beautiful and buy only things you really like and that look awesome on you.



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