Crafting a beautiful smile

I have to admit that I was lucky enough to have good teeth that didn’t need much work.

I had a period when I didn’t understand the importance of keeping my teeth healthy and clean earlier in my teens so that made me visit the dentist’s office a few times.

perfect smile

As much as I want white, perfect teeth and I try to keep them healthy as much as I can, I do regular check up and cleaning just because they are important. I am not that much afraid of going to the dentist but I do have a bad gag reflex that makes everything more complicated and uncomfortable. Many doctors don’t understand that I’m not doing it on purpose and it is very unpleasant for me too, so it’s hard to find professional that could understand this and take his time when I have an appointment.

Besides the fact that it’s important to take care of your teeth for your own health, they also contribute to one’s beauty. A nice smile can make-up for any other flaw you might think you have, and the brighter it is the more young and beautiful you look.

How to get perfect teeth

If you weren’t blessed by mother nature with nice teeth, there are solutions for every problem and finding the best smile design for you takes time and a good professional.

The first step is to find a professional that could asses your problems and suggest options that could get you the smile you always wanted. It’s important to find the right person that you can trust, a parson that can understand your issues, concerns and expectations.

Cosmetic dentistry – popular aesthetic treatments

Decide what you want to do. Sometimes there are compromises to be made when deciding upon a treatment. You want white teeth or healthy teeth. Whitening especially extreme treatments aren’t always the best idea for people with very sensitive teeth. It’s important to have realistic expectations so that you won’t put your health at risk. Surely in this case there is a fast fix for whiter teeth. Picking the right lipstick is something you can do fast. Cold undertones and high contrasts will make your teeth appear whiter. Don’t go for oranges, browns or coral reds because they will not flatter your smile that much.

perfect lipstick

Teeth braces are a great way to make sure your smile is indeed very beautiful. Though it take a lot of time for everything to align perfectly, the wait is worth it. If you find that orthodontist that can find the ideal solution for you problem you might even end up with an invisible appliance like Invisalign that won’t make you feel or look akward.


Another popular treatment for the perfect smile is getting fillers in order to make the gums appear more discreet. Even if this is a temporary fix, you don’t need to wait long in order to see a result. The downside is that you will need to get it done again and again, but there is always a downside to everything.

smile design

Bottom line is that cosmetic dentistry is a complex practice and both doctor and patient need to be aware of the disadvantages that could occur and should set realistic goals from the very beginning. Perfect smiles are lie art, you need to find the best artist to craft them.

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