How to Get Curls with Short Hair

Curled hairs are attractive, and they seem to be full of life. If you want a new look and you’re tied with your straight and current look, then there are techniques that you can try for some twists.

For many people, they may prefer how they look for many years. However, they may want to change a bit of flair once they reach their more adult years. Messy waves are on the rise, and they are reigning on their looks nowadays.

You may feel that everything is changing and that the curls may be rougher. However, you’ll get the hang of everything. For an easier transition to curly hair, you may want to try products from reputable brands like Keranique and ensure that you will have gorgeous strands of whatever style you’re going to choose. It may take a while to become comfortable changing your style, but it will be worth it.

Others may find it challenging to achieve a natural-looking curl, especially when they have cut their hair short. The good news is that this is still entirely achievable, and you can look gorgeous and attractive at the same time.

Fortunately for many, they quickly find out that short doesn’t have to be complicated. It may take just a bit of practice, but the techniques are simple. You may even have to remove the heat out of the styling if you want. Here are some tips that you may want to know.

Tips to Have Short and Curly Strands

You need to utilize a .75-inch for tight curls and a 1-inch one for looser coils. This is great for everyone who experiences their waves to spiral out of control and falls out easily.

  1. Mist everything with heat protectants, including the upper part of the hair.
  2. Use hair ties or alligator clips and separate the half on the upper side.
  3. For straighter manes, you may want to blow-dry everything and add some mousse for more grit. If you skip this step, you may see that it can be difficult for the hair to respond to the curling iron or grab the sections.
  4. Feed one section through the barrel of the curling wand and begin the process.
  5. Set the curl right by catching them when they are released from the barrel. Hold them on your hands for a time before releasing them.
  6. Continue this process until you reach the upper section. Alternate the curling toward and away from your face so that the finish will look more natural.
  7. Let down the rest of the strands that were clipped by a tie and repeat everything.

Curling Short Strands

You may want a natural and beachy kind of locks, and this is where a wand comes in handy. For those with shirt lengths or bob hairstyles, an inch of a barrel can work best. Anything longer than this is not ideal to use, and smaller ones will result in tighter ringlets. Read more about getting tangles with no need for heat when you click here.

  1. Spray heat protectant all over the hair.
  2. Section of the top portion with the help of alligator clips or ties.
  3. Effortlessly hold the iron through a diagonal angle. You may want to try holding your device horizontally for more volume.
  4. Instead of feeding the strands inside, it’s best if you can wrap them around the iron itself. Leave more than an inch of hair for a more modern texture.
  5. Let everything down and repeat the process.
  6. Gently slid the very tips to the inside of the iron for a more relaxing finish.
  7. The best thing to add is a relaxing spray. This adds more texture and volume, and many women appreciate this.

This might be the right time to chop off a huge chunk of your hair, but this doesn’t mean that you should forget all about those fun locks. You can still do the look that you want with the help of a little curling iron and the right shampoo. Other tips to remember are the following:

1. The Ends should be Natural-Looking

It may be easy to overdo everything now that you have shorter strands, but this should not be the case at all. Inward rolling with the use of iron can add volume and bounce effects to them.

2. Avoid Dents as Much as Possible

Take note of the barrel’s curve when using irons and ensure that your hair was adequately pulled in the right position. For flat irons, the right way to do things is horizontal. It’s recommended to slow down when you’re spiraling downwards so that you can hold on to the ends for more control

3. Front Parts are the Easiest to Curl

If you can’t be bothered by locks because of an early morning engagement, what you can do is to get the waves out in front. You can always get away with the right styles where areas framing your jawlines, sideburns, and baby hairs near the ears are always up for some tangles.

4. Using the Right Tools is Important

It’s not recommended to use an inch of the barrel if you have a bob top. What you need may be barrels with 28 mm that can create larger c-curls that are too loose. If you prefer to use the flat varieties, you may want to get the ones with semi-circular sides and curvy ones for fewer chances of dents.

Choosing the tool is essential, and you may opt to get ceramic plates tool. With pixie cuts, it’s important that you have to get the ones with narrow widths. If everything is longer than the ears, go wider with 1” of ceramic plates.

Preparing your hair also prevents damage and dullness. Protecting the strands is the first step of curling since you may need to come in contact with heat several times a day. A few spritzes can avoid heat damage, and mists should be put all over the head.

Sectioning will help with the locks. You can have even and layered curls afterwards. You can use clips that don’t slip and leave dents when you try to section off about two layers.

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