Cute Jean Skirt Outfits

Jean skirts are feminine pieces of clothing that basically offer the same versatility as denim shorts or trousers do. If you know how to style them of course. But for that, I will give you some tips and ideas on how to achieve cute jeans skirt outfits.

As a person that doesn’t really wear skirts too often, whenever I want to come up with something more spicy even in casual look, I tend to go for some sort of denim skirt. Most of the time it will be a mini skirt because I feel that length flatters my silhouette much better that a midi or a maxi skirt. As I am short, I go for outfits that would make my legs look longer on order to appear taller.

Cute jean skirt outfits ideas to get inspired from

Styling skirts might sound easy, but if you want to achieve some interesting looks, maybe you might want to get inspired from these cute outfit ideas.

Jean Skirt outfit with sneakers

Basic, casual, comfy, cool. This is always my first pick when it comes to a casual denim skirt outfit. I prefer to keep everything simple, comfortable and of course, cute. A slogan top, a fun print, or just some show stopping sneakers will surely catch all the attention. Try to go for simple cuts in order to maintain a clean, casual feel around your outfit.

jean skirt outfit

Denim skirt with combat boots

You probably already know my love for combat boots. I would wear them all year round. What goes better with combat boots for a rock’n roll outfit than a pair of combat boots?! Studded, simple or textured, combat boots have been under the limelight again for the past few years. Dr. Martens, Timberland or Panama Jack to name a few of my favorite brands. For cool looks with jeans skirts and combat boots, you need to temper down the rest of the items. Basic tops, layering textures with a cardigan in similar colors, rather than adding many prints and colors; that’s the key.

denim skirt and combat boots

Cute jean skirt outfit with high heels

Even if I rarely pick high heels for semi casual looks, this combo is very cool and I always feel a short skirt and high heels will make any legs look longer than they really are. Thick heels, platform sandals or simple slim heeled sandals for a super fashionable yet cute jean skirt outfit. A shirt or a fringed top might give you that original touch to the whole look. And my personal favorite, never miss wearing a hat when you feel you need just one more element to make everything look just perfect.

cut jean skirt outfit

These are my favorite combos, but I am sure you can find many more ideas that could inspire you to create your next denim textured outfit.

Which is your favorite cute jean skirt outfits?

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