DIY Bad Hair Day Braid

Fancy Hairdo under 5 minutes

A perfect outfit could be destroyed by a  bad hair day just like that, in two seconds.

I have a habit, and a rule that is: not washing my hair more often than once every three days, with exceptions of course.  As I told you , I use the JBeverly Hills pack, with shampoo and mask, it’s perfect for dyed hair because it also repairs the structure. You can read more about the products in this post.

You can find the products in Timisoara at Princess hair system Salon

So when I have a bad hair day I fix it really fast, in under 5 minutes.  How? A quick special hairdo that will turn that dull hair in something really special.

Easy to do, no need for special skills because I myself can’t do a perfect fish braid. It’s all just a trick actually and you will surely love it. You can also even turn it into a more classy look by making a small bun instead of that ponytail. Sure, you can improvise and do so many alterations according to your hair type and style.

Check out the video tutorial I made and let me know if you liked it! Do you want more?




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