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As the weather outside is pretty nice I bet many of you are already thinking of birds and bees and yes, Weddings, wedding dresses and all the dilemas , problems that come in the same package.
Besides designing dresses,  I love admiring and picturing different dresses in different inspirational places, with themes and decorations that match the wedding dresse’s style. 
So I put up a kind of mood board that might help you get some ideas. 
Having your budget in mind you might not pick a lace dress, because most of the time, they are the most expensive, especially if the lace is embellished, but I found some designs that have a great prices. 
In my opinion boho chic wedding dresses from Tbdress  are the most beautiful, and also comfortable. Get them here http://www.tbdress.com/Boho-Chic-Wedding-Dresses/.They are very feminine and  simple, easy to accessorize and perfect for an outside wedding. 
There is always the short cheap wedding dress version and TBdress has the best here http://www.tbdress.com/Unique-Cheap-Short-Wedding-Dresses/. A perfect idea for a more casual party , even for older brides, and if you choose a simple design, you can wear it with other occasions as well. 
I suggest you get a simple dress, without too many cuts or embelishments because most of the times it would make you look bigger than you are. A simple cut at the waistline, an A-line skirt would do the trick for most  bodytypes. A backless dress is very beautiful too, but you need to focus first on what looks good on you then on the model you like. Focus on the details, but don’t go overboard, and remember to keep it comfortable because you will stay all day in it, maybe even dance all night long.
If you are tall and slim, pick a chapel train dress and you will look like a star. Keep in mind the fact that you will have to carry your train the entire day and it might just be a burden. In this case, you can get another dress and change at the party, after the church of course. Tbdress have such elegant and yet cheap dresses that might make you buy more just to keep on changing the wedding dress throughout the day, but that;s not really a bad idea. A dress for the church, one for the party, one for the photoshoot, a perfect idea if you can’t make up your mind on what  style you would like to get.
I love the firts one, the vintage inspired dress, but I would take the the bow of, it;s too much.
Which is your favorite?









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