Dress Tube

Dress, Top or Skirt? All Three!


Buy just one piece of clothing and wear it in so many ways that you might just think you filled up your closet with 7 new items. I will just tell you how this is possible.


7 ways to wear a tube top or dress

What is the TUUB?

Finding versatile clothing that will not get out of fashion by the next season is really hard nowadays, but finding just one piece of clothing you could wear in so many ways, is even herder you might say. Not if you get your own TUUB. Tuube is a dress-top-skirt-scarf, you name it. They are very special because they’re made of recycled fabric; environmental friendly fashion.

1 item- so many ways

It can be a sexy bodycon dress, a fitted top, a pencil skirt, or even a scarf. Surely you can find so many more ways you could wear it. What’s more important, being such an elastic fabric , wearing it before, during and after being pregnant is such an easy task. Who would have thought that such a versatile product really existed? No more problems with fitting clothes you bought when being pregnant.

Perfect present

They come in many colors and patterns so you have tons to choose from. Plus they could be a great present for your loved ones. And if you don’t even know what to pick, get a gift card and the receiver could just pick their favorite item. Simple as that! the packaging is really beautiful too, so no need for a gift box or anything, plus you can also take it with you on a trip without trying to fold it either way. Just place the top in it’s tube and you’re ready to go!

Be creative

Buy 2 or 3 dress tubes and make yourself a cool colorblock or ombre midi dress. How about seriously pretty and chill brazil for a cool mix? These are two of the newest colors available on http://www.tuub.ee . Add funky pins to drape it and make your own unique design out of it.


tube fashion trendy colors

recycled fabric fashion

versatile top and dress

tuub gift cared present

 tube top or dress

tube dress

Get your fashionable TUUB today!

Will you wear it as a tube dress or tube top?

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