Easy Christmas Cookies

Chocolate Crackle Cookies


I think this is the easiest and most delicious cookie recipe I have ever tried out.

It’s really fast to make and everyone will love it. I promise!

Raluca, my colleague from work brought some of these tasty cookies to work on her birthday and I said I had to try them out too. I said I will surely make them for Christmas but I wanted to try the recipe out before the holidays and goo dthing I did.

Burn it to the ground...Opps , yes I actually burnt the first batch because I thought I would have to keep them in the oven for at least 20 min, but well, that was too much. Still my dogs said they  were very delicious even so crispy.

If you really be carfeul on how long you leave them in the oven, the recipe is very very easy.

easy Christmas cookies

Here are the ingredients you need:

225 bittersweet chocolate (preferably over 60% cocoa)

115 gr butter

2 eggs

2 t-spoons of baking powder

330 brown sugar

I added a bit of rum flavour

a pinch of salt

70gr cocoa

175 gr flour

a bit of milk( 100 ml)- depends on the texture

And powdered sugar for coating.


First thiing to do is melt the chocoltae in a double boiler or even microwave. I personally refer the double boiler because I actually burnt some chocolate this way… After the Cholate melted leave aside to cool a bit, you can add the milk to make sure it won’t get hard too soon.

Then, mix the sugar, flour, butter and baking powder until it looks creamy. Then add one egg at a time until fully incorporated.

After this it’s time to add the melted chocolate and cocoa powder.

It’s now time to place the dough into the refrigerator for at least 1 hour but it would be great to leave it overnight.  To be sure it will turn out perfect, try dividing it in 4 parts and  wrap in foil.

The next day, you should get the dough out of the freezer and back on your board. Divide the dough and make small balls, but you have to powder the board and your hands when doing this because they will stick to anything.

Flatten the balls and place them on a baking paper, in a tray. Be sure to  leave some space around them.

The oven should be already heated (175 C) when you place them inside.

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember is baking them for a max of 7-10 minutes, not longer.

You will see them finely cracked. Take them out and leave them to cool down.

And that’s all! Realy easy even for beginners!

They also look simply amazing in a glass cookie jar or on a wooden board!

Any recipes you would recommend?




chocolate crackle cookies


Christmas cookies


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