Easy Wallpaper Crafts to Restyle Your Home on a Budget

Wallpaper crafts that restyle your home without a major change

This pandemic made us stay at home and notice everything we didn’t like about our home. This time gave us ideas on how we would want to improve or decorate the rooms where we are living day by day, and for me it was no different.

I made a lot of DIY projects these past few months. Started in winter, finalized just now, some of them were very small projects with minor adjustments; others were big like changing a whole wall and adding textured paint to it.

But the one that I postponed the most was the gallery wall in the living room.

The room is big, 330 cm in height with a 450 cm width, so the gallery needed to be grand in order to match the whole vibe. I knew what I wanted as a big picture, but I didn’t know exactly all the details.

I began by doing some virtual sketches and trying different layouts.

First I thought of covering the whole wall in a wallpaper mural, then I though of a gallery wall, but I wanted it to be like pieces from the same puzzle so wallpaper crafts popped into my mind.

wallpaper wall

Then I thought of cutting the wallpaper out and creating a puzzled designed out of that.

wallpaper rcafts

I found so many ideas and fun wallpapers on Photowall that I literally scrolled for 3 days to pick only one. A Country Weekend was my choice, but I also had my eyes on two other flowery designs.

Tips and tricks for setting the frames

  • Get an overview of what it could look like.

Use the paper inserts that the frames comes with and stick them to the wall according to what you would want them to look like. You can easily move them around until you have the right pattern. 

  • Pre-draw the points where the nails would go

This would also help with measuring the distances for the screw or nails that would hold the pictures up. I used the back of the frames to pin point the place where I would need to put the nail in the wall. This way, I could pre-draw the exact point and when I would hang the up, they would be in perfect position.

gallery wall ideas

How to pick the best picture for wallpaper crafts

I picked out a wallpaper design that had a scenery with different elements  that would create a nice story. I tried to cut out the main “ characters” and make them speak to each other in the whole composition.

But you can easily go with something simple and geometric if that’s what you want to have.

To do the right cut, I unfolded each roll of wallpaper and set it down on the floor. The took out the back of the frame and placed the empty outline over the design as I wanted it. After that, I drew the dimensions on the wallpaper and cut it to size.

For the big frames, I needed to glue two pieces of wallpaper as they were wider that the width of the wallpaper roll. I have to say that you can’t tell where the picture was glued together, but not because I am such a good DIY-er. The Photowall wallpaper is premium quality and they seamlessly blend in if they are glued right. Also, the paper is sturdy enough not to get ripped when trying to get the best cut. It was very easy to work with.  And I put up many wallpapers in this life, but this one is really easy to work with.

wallpaper crafts
Would you tell it’s a wallpaper and not a painting?
how to a gallery wall
wallpaper gallery wall
gallery wall with wallpaper

What to do with the wallpaper scraps?

Easy and fun wallapaper crafts that also the kids would enjoy.

  • Use the wallpaper to cover a simple agenda. Pick and accent motif and use it as a main focal point. You would just need some glues and scissors.
  • Try to cover up a box with wallpaper or maybe the back of a bookcase.

There are tons of ideas, just use your creativity and have fun.

As a last word on this

I am really happy with the result and I believe that this gallery wall actually brings the room to life, and it doesn’t make it look too crowded like other would say.

If you want to go for individual canvas prints or posters, that’s another option as well. It was hard for me to find so many prints that I liked, that went together well, but it’s not impossible at all.

You can check out the prints section or maybe you would want to have your own picture up?


To get yourself a nice discount, use my code to get a 25% discount on your Photowall orders. Bararadrianadelia2021 is the code. Enjoy working on your projects!

So many options, so little time:P

gallery walls

I am ready to start another DIY, are you?

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